What Draws Your Eye?

In this personality test, we have divided you into 4 categories of personality. These categories will be affected by your answers and your perception - you must be honest and self-observant while giving us the real first-second reaction, and to tell us - what did you notice first?
What draws your eye first in this scene?
The fire extinguisher
This woman
This kooky lamp
There's a lot going on in this mob scene. What do you notice first?
The pitchfork
This stoic knight
The grass on the roof
This villager
Who do you relate to the most?
These two conversationalists.
These smiling women.
This girl hiding in the background.
Sassy glasses girl.
Look briefly at this picture. What disturbs you the most about it?
The fashion
The lady tied to the tree
The man with the gas can
The dark clouds in the background
What jumps out at you here?
Her fun pose
The smiling blonde
The corpse
Are those bananas?
What are you looking at in this retro pic?
This guy's rock'n'roll stance
Cowboy hat and goatee
These creepy trees
Look how young Jerry is!
Pick a face you relate to:
Where does your eye go in this crowd shot?
This splash of color
The crowd
The architecture
The straight line of flags
Which costume is the most original?
Mermaid Sushi
Sebastian and Neptune
Sushi Chef
What can't you stop looking at in this tragic scene?
This girl against the wall
Seriously. Is she dead?
The juxtaposition of tights and axe
This girl looks so young. They don't kill her, do they?
You have a dark side and you’re a little different
You stir intrigue in others, and although many try to emulate you in any way they can, few succeed. While you do tend to raise a few eyebrows among your contemporaries, you secretly like it that way.
You are creative and generally fun-loving
People love to be around you and you’re always looking for the next laugh, not to mention the next adventure. Your workmates and peers are just a tiny little bit envious of your ability to come up with great ideas on the spot.
You are intelligent and tend to be introspective
Your mind never seems to stop, and you even surprise yourself with some of the things that come to it. You really appreciate those who can appreciate you intellect, but aren’t so bothered about those that only see what’s on the outside.
You are a rather joyful and optimistic person
You believe a glass-half-empty attitude doesn’t get you anywhere, and you’d rather see the brighter side of life. Your peers wonder how you can be so perky seemingly all of the time, but your positive outlook just seems to flow out of you.
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