Which Part of You Sees Most?

Seeing gives us a lot more information than just the visual. Sure, we SEE things, but while we see the rest of our body is already organizing a response - analyzing, reacting, recalling and planning. What kind of eyes do you have, and how do you react to what you see? This test will help you find that out.
Which look most speaks to you?
How does this optical illusion make you feel?
Slightly uncomfortable
Pick the animal you most connect to...
What would you do if you lost your eyesight?
Pray every day for medical progress
Carry on - that's life
Probably become very depressed
I will work on sharpening my other sense, I won't let it stop me
Which healthy eye food would you rather eat?
Salmon cake
Carrot ice cream
Beet paste
Deep fried almonds
Which eyes most 'speak' to you?
In love
Do you usually have dark bags under your eyes?
I never noticed
Sometimes, when I'm really tired
Mostly yes
Which animal super vision would you adopt?
Night vision
Horizontal vision
Telescopic sight
How does this image make you feel?
Don't wanna think about it
Choose your favorite sunglasses:
What kind of eye phenomenon do you experience?
Floating objects
Tears unrelated to emotion
Quick blinking
'Jumping' eyelids
None of these
Which quote speaks to you the most?
"Imagination is the ability to see immense things with your eyes closed."
"The young have better eyes, but the old see better."
"Love blinds the eyes to the bad while hate blinds the eyes to the good."
"A buyer needs 1,000 eyes, the seller needs only one."
Your Eyes Use Your Brain Power to See More
According to your answers, it seems your eyes see both things real in this world and imaginary. What most affects how you see the world comes from the inside of you - the brain and imagination. Every object can become something creative, and you can see creative details that others don't. You have the imagination needed to turn a few ingredients into a meal or a piece of art.
Your Eyes Use Your Gut to See the Future
You don't only have two eyes - you have three! Perhaps the third is not show to others, but you know it's there. How? Due to your rare intuitive ability to guess the future - good or bad - that is about to take place. You see best with your gut feeling, and as long as you don't let your fears and hopes influence your intuition, you'll mostly get it right.
Your Eyes Use Your Heart to See the Truth
People love talking to you, because when they look into your eyes, they can see you are truly listening to them. Your eyes have a penetrating yet kind look that seem to see directly into the hearts of matters and people. It's hard to act fake around you or hide things from you. You have a nose for emotional tones, and you rarely get it wrong.
Your Eyes Use Your Body to See to the Horizon
While most people can only see up to a certain distance, your eyes notice details - from any distance - others simply do not. Your eyes focus like lasers and analyze the situation and the paths you need to take to get to where you want to be. Your eyes seek and your head follows, when people look into your eyes, they see purpose and certainty.
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