What Are Your Dreams Telling You?

We all dream, but we don't all dream the same. Some of us have a hard time remembering our dreams, while others may recall them on a daily basis. But when you do remember a dream, it usually has a great impact on us, as we are exposed to our subconscious in the most direct way possible to us. What are YOUR dreams trying to tell you? Answer this quiz and you may find out...
What animal do you often see in dreams?
Have you ever seen geometric patterns in your dream?
Have you ever seen a doorway in your dreams in the past 2 weeks?
How do you feel when you wake up from your dreams?
Have you ever lucid dreamed?
I'm not sure
What is the most common nightmare you have?
You are being chased
You arrive at school in your underpants
There is a giant spider or monster in your dream
What dream symbol do you often see in your dreams?
Open Doorways
Do you ever feel like you're falling before going to sleep?
Have you ever had an out of body experience?
Which dream symbol have you seen in a recent dream?
Your dreams are trying to tell you....that you need to spend more time reflecting
Your dreams may be trying to process the things you do, see and think about during your day. Spend some time before you go to sleep to review your day and things that have happened in it. That way, your dreams will have less reason to go over them.
Your dreams are trying to tell you....to pay more attention to relationships.
You may have been having trouble with relationships lately and need some help with it. Perhaps you aren't even aware that you know something is wrong, and your dreams are your subconscious trying to tell you that it is suspicious. There may be a problem with one of your close relationships, either to a partner or a close family or friend. This wouldn't happen if this were someone that isn't very close to you. Examine your relationships closely and figure out whether your subconscious is right and there is a problem you should attend to.
Your dreams are trying to tell you....that you are going through a transition period.
Your dreams seem to be insecure about what is going on right now. When things are in flux, whether from outside influence or because you are going through something internally, our dreams may reflect that. They can either pit us against anxious scenarios, like missing your flight, a feeling of insecurity - such as being chased, or a feeling of being lost - searching for your home or a person you can't find. If this is the reason, then soon it will be over as you adjust to your new stage in life. However, note that it will not stop immediately. In most cases, our subconscious can be a little slow to relax, and you may experience these dreams for some weeks to come even after the transition period is over. That's totally normal.
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