Which Star Wars Character Are You?

Is there a more famous or more iconic trilogy of movies than the original Star Wars trilogy? It was and still is a modern phenomenon of epic proportions. The story set everyone's imagination on fire, and we all wanted to be part of that great adventure in a time and place so different from our own. If you HAD gone on that adventure in the Star Wars universe, which character do you think you'd be? Wait, don't tell us, answer our questions, and we'll tell YOU!
You're making a deal with a new realtor. You suspect she is cheating you. What do you do?
Hurt her until she confesses
Outsmart her during negotiations
Plead for her help honestly and directly
Try to sense her emotions and negotiate with kindness
Threaten violence in a very clear, calm manner
What's your favorite pastime?
Studying and meditating
Fighting or arguing
Having social events
Being by myself
What kind of pet would you most like to have?
Something big and fierce like a tiger
Something small, nimble and clever
Something loyal and strong
I do not want a pet of any kind
Something I can talk to but stays out of the way
How do you feel about children?
I love children and hope to have them (or had them already)
I feel like a kid myself still
I despise children
I care only for my own child
Children are the most precious thing there is
Who do you think should rule the world?
Those with the power to do so
Those with the wisdom to do so
Those with the kindness to do so
Those who understand they cannot rule alone
Those who have no wish to rule at all
What is family to you?
I have more important things to attend to
An important yet dark and troubling thing
Something other people talk and think about. I don't.
It's the people you choose, not the people you are born to
Do you believe in destiny?
Not at all. Everyone makes their own decisions and gets their own fate.
Yes, it exists for all of us, and we must not shy from it.
Yes, I believe it is a dark thing without mercy
I believe in destiny, but I also believe in fighting for that destiny.
Pick a plant or flower.
How talkative are you?
I prefer to keep my silence.
Very little, just enough to make people do what I want
I like to talk and pass along my wisdom
I love talking about any subject, humor is a bonus
I don't mind talking, but usually for a good reason, like an argument or a plan of action
What is your political leaning?
True Conservative
True Liberal
A Libertarian
A true moderate
I have no political position at all
What kind of childhood did you have?
Happy and full of luxury
Poverty-stricken and traumatic
Hard beginnings that made me tough
Dark and full of fear
It was so long ago I can't remember it really
Nothing special, just a regular childhood
Which of these things are most important to you in life?
Having fun
My Responsibilities
Showing kindness to others
Becoming richer or more influential
Princess Leia
Born to a powerful family and to luxury, you are assertive, powerful, and born to lead. However, you care about anyone you make work for you or is helping you in any way. You know how to appreciate people and how to show them that appreciation. You are quick to anger since you have a lot of pride, but quick to change your mood as well when realizing your mistake. Your belief in being honest makes you apologize, even when you don't want to. You are brave, intelligent, and have sympathy only for those who deserve it.
Han Solo
You are a fun-loving rogue with wit and the honesty and cheek to come with it. You're a terrific liar, but you usually can't be bothered lying because it isn't worth the effort. Most people think you are an easygoing person, but inside you, there is STEEL. If called upon, or in an emergency, you will amaze everyone by how useful you are. Above all, you believe that everyone should be able to choose their own fate, have personal freedom, and do whatever they want as long as it doesn't bother you.
Luke Skywalker
You used to be very innocent, but life's experiences have taught you what life is really about. However, throughout all your experiences, you have managed to preserve a place in yourself that is kind, brave, and still believes people are worth saving. You get tempted sometimes by the material gains of this world, but in the end, you know that being on the side of good is more important than personal power and ownership. The most important thing you've learned in life is that you should surround yourself with the people you most care about. You repay with utter trust and loyalty of your own. More than anything, you hate bullies that pick on those weaker than them. You'll be the first one to step forward and try to stop any act of violence, you witness.
Boba Fett
You are the strong, silent type. You have little to no humor, and what you have of it is as dry as the Sahara. You are a workaholic, and your main goal in life is to achieve your goals, which are only known to you since you are mostly a mystery to the people around you. You say little, but when you do, it's always very direct and very practical. You have nothing but contempt for lazy people and nothing but pity for weak people. However, as long as they don't get in your way, you don't mind them. You have a dark side in your soul that will see you do ANYTHING to get what you want, but you're not malicious either; you don't enjoy the pain of others. You are locked on your goal, and nothing will distract from that.
Darth Vader / Anakin Skywalker
Wow, you're an angry one, and, deep inside - ever so afraid. At one time or another, you may have been a normal, if sad kid. Now, you are tough, ruthless, and have nothing but impatience for other people. You are ambitious in the extreme, and nothing makes you angrier than when people try to prevent you from improving yourself or amassing more money or power. You never forget an insult, and you can wait years to exact vengeance upon the offender. You have no problem working hard, but you will take the shorter route to your goal, not the most virtuous one.
You are incredibly wise and experienced. You are the one all friends and family come for advice. Some see you as weird or even a bit bizarre, but that's because you think and see things differently. At the end of the day, you are usually proven right. You have no fear of hard work, and when a challenge rears its head, you wait for no one. You immediately jump into action and do what needs to be done. The thing you love most in this world, though, is being a kind, patient teacher. You like talking, and you like teaching others to be more kind to one another and the skills you've learned in this life. You love shaping young minds, and you draw from a deep spiritual center that makes your words inspirational and educational at the same time. You also have a terrific sense of self-confidence, and never take yourself too seriously, always remembering to have fun as well.
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