Are You in a Toxic Relationship?

Relationships and marriages can bring a lot of light, love and positivity into our lives, but sometimes we find ourselves in relationships where there are negative and harmful patterns that repeat themselves over and over again. Such relationships are often referred to as "toxic", and it is not always easy to recognize them when we are in such a situation. To help you understand what your situation is and also to provide you with tips to improve the situation, if necessary, we have prepared the following questionnaire for you. Answer these questions honestly and you will be able to find out in the end whether you are in a healthy or toxic relationship.
Toxic Relationship Test: A man and a woman on a bed with their backs to each other
When you are alone with your best friends and you talk about your relationship, what is the topic of conversation in most cases?
A positive shared experience
Sometimes good things and sometimes many things
Usually fights and disagreements
Toxic relationship test: A woman yells at a man with a megaphone
How often do you have fights in your relationship?
Almost everyday
Two or three times a week
Toxic relationship test: A man yells at a woman
What is the most common reason for fights in your relationship?
Almost anything can be an opening for a fight
Jealousy, financial management and raising children
Small things that can be overcome quickly
Toxic Relationship Test: Men in the Pub
How will you feel while spending Friday night apart from your spouse?
If the time is fun and you can correspond or talk while doing it, it's a nice change
Freedom and independence
Toxic Relationship Test: Sign with a two-way arrow
Does your partner wake you up when you meet with friends or family separately?
Yes, it never goes quietly
It depends on the circumstances
Just wishes for a pleasant stay
Toxic Relationship Test: A man looks at a phone screen
What do you think about people reading messages and checking calls on their spouse's phone?
Inappropriate and disrespectful behavior
If there is nothing to hide, this is legitimate behavior
It's not pleasant, but sometimes there is no choice
Toxic Relationship Test: A man and a woman talk on a couch
Do you ask your spouse for permission to do certain things?
Only if it's something that might bother him or her
Yes, they need to know what's going on with me
Toxic relationship test: A woman is surrounded by question marks
What goes through your mind during a fight with your partner?
That the first and most important thing is to relax
My thoughts are very turbulent and unclear
You have to try to reach a compromise
Toxic Relationship Test: A Broken Heart
What would you do if you found out that your spouse cheated on you with another person?
Immediate farewell
Maybe there is a chance for forgiveness and the continuation of the relationship, depending on the circumstances
It will be a very big blow, but we will stay together because of the money or the children
Toxic Relationship Test: Frustrated Man and Woman
True or false: It is very difficult for me to spend time alone and I have a constant need for my partner
True, that's how I feel most of the time
Not true, it is important for me to maintain a private personal space
You probably have no reason to worry
Test of a toxic relationship: a couple at sea against a sunset
You have a healthy relationship that may not always be perfect, but it doesn't need to worry you either. There are fights, disagreements and sometimes crises, but according to your answers, dealing with them is done in a healthy way and out of mutual concern for the feelings and needs of the other party. Above all, she has love and care, which are the basis of any positive and healthy relationship that is able to deal with problems that arise over time and solve them in a healthy way.
Continue with caution...
Toxic Relationship Test: A couple in a fight
Your relationship probably isn't in danger of becoming a negative factor in your life anytime soon, but there are still signs that suggest you should proceed with caution. If something bothers you in the relationship, it is important to share it with your partner and also ask for advice from friends or professionals. The quicker you do it, the easier it is to deal with the problems and keep the relationship on the right and healthy track. If the other party in a relationship is not attentive to your needs and feelings, this does not necessarily mean that it is a toxic relationship - it may simply be a slight indifference or a lack of understanding. The relationship can still be worked on and improved despite this difficulty. Honesty, counseling or just sharing with others can help a lot
Your relationship may be toxic...
Toxic Relationship Test: Drawing of a couple in a fight
The bad news is that there is a high chance that your relationship is suffering from toxic and harmful patterns of action, but the good news is that it is often reversible. The first step to treating the condition is recognizing the fact that there is a problem, and this questionnaire certainly indicates that there is. Its exact nature is, of course, much more difficult to describe, but it is often related to mistrust, disrespect and aggression of one kind or another on one or both sides. We won't be surprised to learn that if you've already noticed certain red flags in your relationship, then getting this result should be a wake-up call for you to take action soon. It may be time to end your relationship, but it is also possible that it can be repaired and improved. This is the time to seek counseling and dig deep into the root of the problem to deal with it directly.
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