What Did They Win the Oscar For?

Welcome to the Oscars' Hall of Fame quiz! This is your red carpet moment to show off your knowledge of iconic actors and their award-winning roles. From the golden era of Hollywood to contemporary cinema, you'll traverse through time, revisiting unforgettable performances that made Oscar history. Whether you're a film aficionado or a casual movie-goer, this is your chance to step into the spotlight. So, grab your popcorn, get comfy in your seat, and let's roll the film. Lights, camera, action!
Anthony Hopkins has won an Academy Award for his role in the movie...
Legends of the Fall
The Elephant Man
The Silence of the Lambs
Which role did Meryl Streep win an Academy Award for?
The Devil Wears Prada
Kramer vs. Kramer
Mamma Mia
Sophie's Choice
In her role in the movie _______, Julia Roberts won an Academy Award for Best Actress
Pretty Woman
Erin Brockovich
Notting Hill
Runaway Bride
Daniel Day-Lewis has won one of his Academy Awards for his role in the movie...
There Will Be Blood
The Last of the Mohicans
Gangs of New York
The Boxer
For which role did Helen Mirren win an Academy Award?
Elizabeth II
Which role did Susan Sarandon win an Academy Award for?
Thelma & Louise
Dead Man Walking
The Client
Lorenzo's Oil
Tom Hanks has won an Academy Award for his role in the movie...
The Green Mile
Cast Away
Forrest Gump
Sean Penn has won an Academy Award for his role in the movie...
Fast Times at Ridgemont High b)
Dead Man Walking
I Am Sam
Mystic River
Al Pacino has won an Academy Award for his role in the movie...
The Godfather
Dog Day Afternoon
Scent of a Woman
For which role did Halle Berry win an Academy Award?
Die Another Day
Monster's Ball
Morgan Freeman has won an Academy Award for his role in the movie...
Shawshank Redemption
Driving Miss Daisy
Million Dollar Baby
For her role in the movie _______, Nicole Kidman won an Academy Award
Moulin Rouge!
The Others
The Hours
Eyes Wide Shut
Try again...
Not quite the performance of a leading star, but don't worry, every show has an intermission. Use this opportunity to brush up on your Hollywood history and give it another shot! Remember, even Oscar-winning actors didn't always get the role on their first try. Keep learning and soon you'll be the master of movie trivia!
Nicely Done!
Bravo! That was a stellar performance. You've clearly spent some quality time in front of the silver screen and it shows. With a bit more time and a few more film nights, you could be a Hollywood insider. Keep watching, keep learning, and you'll be an Oscar trivia champion in no time!
vTake a bow! Your knowledge of Oscar history is nothing short of extraordinary. It's clear you have a deep appreciation for Hollywood's finest performances. You have truly mastered this category of cinematic trivia. Stay in the limelight and continue to impress with your expansive knowledge. You're the star of this show!
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