WDYK About the Oscars?

The Academy Awards, also known as 'The Oscars', are arguably the most prestigious and coveted awards in the movie business. They have always been a fanfare of dazzling movie stars and the most important people in the industry, coming all together for one night of recognition. How much do you know about this yearly award ceremony?
Julia Roberts won her only Oscar for her role in the movie...
Erin Brockovich
Pretty Woman
The Pelican Brief
Ocean's 11
The very first Academy Awards were given in the year...
In which city are the Academy Awards ceremony held each year?
Los Angeles
New York
Las Vegas
Who won the most Oscars in history?
Walt Disney
Meryl Streep
Katharine Hepburn
Ingrid Bergman
Who won an Oscar for his role in 'Raging Bull'?
Robert de Niro
Al Pachino
Tom Hanks
Mickey Rourke
Which actress won an Oscar playing British prime minister Margaret Thatcher?
Meryl Streep
Charlize Theron
Cate Blanchett
Natalie Portman
Which actor got an Oscar for his role in the movie 'Rain Man'?
Dustin Hoffman
Tom Cruise
Al Pachino
Leonardo DiCaprio
In which category did Clint Eastwood win an Oscar?
Best Director
Best Lead Male Role
Best Supporting Male Role
Best Writer
Which category is NOT in the Oscars?
Best Producer
Best Original Musical
Best Title Writing
Best Engineering Effects
True or False: The movies Ben-Hur, Titanic and the third Lord of the Rings movie have won 11 Oscars each
Who hosted the Oscars the most times, 19 in all?
Bob Hope
Johnny Carson
Billy Crystal
Whoopi Goldberg
The movie, 'The Godfather', won the Academy Award for best movie in...
Try Again...
You don't seem to know much about the Oscars, perhaps you're not a movie buff, or perhaps just not interested in that side of things. That's fine, there are better things than watching award shows. That said, if you love movies, it's good to know which have won the this coveted award.
Nicely Done!
Good job! You have some good movie trivia up in that noggin of yours. You must have seen quite a few Academy Awards ceremonies and who could blame you? They are usually a lot of fun. Share your results and have a look at the full answers to see what you did get wrong.
You ACED It!
Wow, you blew this quiz out of the water! You must have a terrific memory for movie awards, as well as a lot of movie trivia knowledge in your head. You must watch quite a bit of cinema, and why not, it opens the mind to such creative stories and visuals. Great job! Share these fantastic results with other movie lovers and see how they stack up!
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