Do You Remember These '90s Movies?

The 1990s were a gold era for movies, with some of the biggest classics all made in the first half of the decade. Many new talents rose and others sank, and most of us saw movies either in the cinema or rented them at our local Blockbuster video. Let's see how much you remember!
In the movie Leon, who was the child actress, today a famous actress, who played the role of the girl assassin?
Natalie Portman
Kirsten Dunst
Lindsay Lohan
Lacey Chabert
'Groundhog Day' is a terrific comedy starring...
Bill Murray
Charlie Sheen
Billy Crystal
Steve Martin
What is the first rule of 'Fight Club'?
You do not talk about fight club
If it's your first time, you have to fight
You can't carry a weapon
You have to fight without a shirt
The movie 'Jurassic Park' is based on a book by...
Stephen King
Michael Crichton
Harlan Coben
Tom Clancy
In the movie 'The Matrix', the hero is offered two colored pills, what color or colors are the pills?
Red and blue
Both are blue
Both are green
Blue and green
What was the name of Morgan Freeman's character in 'The Shawshank Redemption'?
What do the words 'Hakuna Matata', sung in 'The Lion King', mean?
No worries
Lion life
Eating grubs
Singing together
In 'The Fugitive', Harrison Ford plays a _______ who is chased for a crime he didn't commit.
CIA Operative
In 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day', Arnold Schwarzenegger's character is charged with...
Killing a woman
Protecting a child
Killing an evil robot
Killing a child
In the movie 'Pulp Fiction', the character of Bruce Willis goes back to his apartment to get an heirloom that belonged to his father. What is that heirloom?
Japanese Sword
Which war did Forrest from 'Forrest Gump' fight in?
World War I
World War II
Korean War
Vietnam War
Which of these actors did NOT act in the famous gangster movie 'Goodfellas'?
Al Pacino
Robert de Niro
Ray Liotta
Joe Pesci
Not Your Day
You may not know these movies, or have seen them so long ago you've forgotten, but you do not have a big movie database in your head. That's fine, there are better things than watching movies all day. That said, there are some really terrific classics on this list and we'd recommend any one of them for a rainy Sunday afternoon. Check the full answers to see where you went wrong.
Good Job!
Good job! You have some good movie trivia up in that noggin of yours. You must have seen quite a few cinema classics to do as well as you did, and who could blame you? There are some terrific movies on this list. Share your results and have a look at the full answers to see what you did get wrong.
Wow, you blew this quiz out of the water! You must have a good memory to have answered our questions, as well as a lot of movie trivia knowledge in your head. You must be some kind of movie wizard and watch quite a bit of cinema, and why not? It opens the mind to such creative stories and visuals. Great job! Share these fantastic results with other movie lovers and see how they stack up!
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