Which Event Truly Happened?

If you know your way around the weirder side of history, then this quiz should be no challenge for you. However, if you, like me, never heard of these bizarre facts, then this becomes a game of logic - what sounds most plausible to YOU?
Which one of these things actually happened?
A cat on a Nazi ship survived 3 sinking ships and became a cat in the British Royal Navy
A cat was made mayor of a town in Texas for 3 years straight
Cats were used by the CIA successfully to spy on people in public places
Cats were the only thing Napoleon was truly scared of
Which one of these things actually happened?
A descendant of Genghis Khan refused to marry unless beaten in a wrestling match. She never was.
Alexander the Great was incredibly fond of goats and wanted to make them his family symbol
King George III had a pet baboon from Africa that he kept in his bedroom
Julius Caesar had a liking for older women, and would not sleep with a woman younger than 30
Which one of these things actually happened?
During the Middle Ages and after, there was a disease where crowds of people 'danced' until collapsing or dying
The Native American Apaches believed the top of trees held up the skies and they should never be cut down
In Poland, during the 1800s, a bizarre disease caused people to hug each other until death from suffocation
The Maori people of New Zealand used to sacrifice a boy and a girl each year to be eaten by sharks
Which one of these things actually happened?
A surgeon in the 1800s accidently killed 3 people while operating on one patient
A doctor in 1969 tried to transplant the leg of a horse on a human. He failed.
Doctors in WWII army camps loudly refuted their Hippocratic oath to avoid treating Nazis
In ancient Egypt it was believed that the smell of roses can cure lung diseases
Which one of these things actually happened?
Ernest Hemingway's younger brother started his own country
Mozart's mother's name was never revealed to him, as she was a commoner
Albert Einstein's brother studied under Sigmund Freud
George Washington's father was a known and feared boxer
Which one of these things actually happened?
At one point in time, the makers of the Pepsi drink had the 6th largest navy in the world
Coca Cola actually put morphine in their very first line of drinks
The Red Bull company was started by the son of a cow farmer
The founders of Nescafé were three twin brothers (a triplet)
Which one of these things actually happened?
Using a fork used to be seen as sacrilegious
The Titanic had 5 horses on board. Miraculously only one was lost.
Unwed women in Sweden were forced to live with pigs until they chose a husband
The original age of the Jewish Bar Mitzva was 8 years old, but was changed in the 14th century
Which one of these things actually happened?
After his presidency, George Washington opened a whiskey distillery
After his presidency, John Adams became a horse trader
After his presidency, James Madison became a civil rights advocate
After his presidency, James Buchanan married his childhood sweetheart
Which one of these things actually happened?
During the Depression, flour companies used colorful sacks so poor children could wear them
After WWII, more than 200,000 American and English soldiers came back with German wives
The first month of escalators saw a man lose a leg. It was months before people used them
During the 1920s, people in England used to wear black sacks in Halloween so 'the witches couldn't tell them apart'
Which one of these things actually happened?
King Charles VI of France went mad believing his body was made of glass
Christopher Columbus had a brother who was more famous at that time for discovering a route to Japan
The Roman Emperor Augustus used to bathe in his finest warriors' blood
Andy Warhol was known to repeatedly tell his friends that he "is a fake"
Which one of these things actually happened?
Lord Byron brought a pet bear to university as protest for not being allowed a dog
Martin Luther was born Jewish before converting to Christianity
King Louis XIV kept 2,000 peacocks roaming the palace gardens
Queen Elizabeth I hated Shakespeare's plays and considered trying him for treason
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