What Do You Know About Medieval Times?

In this quiz, we will be focusing on the Medieval times of EUROPE, and their historical aspects as well as great events and people. You may surprise yourself with what you know! Ready?
There was an architectural style that included flying buttresses, tall spires, high vaulted ceilings, and stained glass windows of Medieval Churches. What was it called?
The Magna Carta, also known as "The Great Charter" was sealed in what country?
How could someone get the plague?
By being bitten by a plague infected flea.
They got it from drinking poisonous plague infected water.
They got it by kissing someone who had the plague.
Most people got the plague because they took few baths and had poor hygiene.
Who is credited with preserving many of the ancient Greek literary classics during the Dark Ages?
Monks in monasteries
University scholars
The royal houses of Europe
The noble class
What happened to the European Jews of the Middle Ages?
They were forced to convert to Christianity or suffer persecution
They were left to their own devices as the original people of Christ
They opened the first universities in Europe
They were respected as wise and honest people
Which number below represents 49 in Roman numerals?
What was a guild?
It was a union of people who practiced the same trade.
It was a form of money worth about one dollar.
It was a religious order.
It was a type of monk.
What was the typical shape of a Medieval European cathedral?
A Cross
A Rectangle
A Pyramid
A Circle
True or False: Thanks to the knights and lords, the Middle Ages were a time of peace, laws, and safety.
What is at least one benefit to Europeans for their involvement in the Crusades?
Europeans gain technology (military) and knowledge.
Trade routes are closed to all Europe.
Islamic monarchs retreat to the edges of Asia Minor.
Millions of Muslims convert to Christianity.
In what language were church services conducted in the (Eastern) Byzantine Empire?
Why did the Muslims want the Holy Lands?
It was where Muhammed is said to have ascended to heaven to speak directly with God.
Muslims wanted to keep Christians out of their empire.
Muslim religious officials felt that Christ was a false prophet.
They wanted it because it held the land of their forefathers.
Need More History
Oh dear, it appears that your results aren't as great as we'd hoped. However, we're sure that with a little more care and attention you'll be able to get much better results on your next attempt. While many people find it easy to disregard what happened in the past, wise men know that there's much to be learned from it, even from the Dark Ages.
Well Done!
Give yourself a pat on the back, as your results show that you know your European Medieval history pretty well. While you didn't get a perfect score, you show enough enthusiasm for the subject matter to be considered an amateur historian, and with further study you could quite easily become an expert. It's important to keep history alive within our hearts, so that no more innocent people have to suffer injustice.
Incredible Score!
Congratulations! Your results are impeccable, and show that you know the history of Europe from the inside-out, from every perspective imaginable. You'd make an absolutely superb historian, because we're sure that Medieval times are not the only historical period you know a lot about...
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