Where Do Your Manners Belong?

Do you abide by the rules to guide your behavior or do you look at life in a more comfortable and relaxed way? Can we guess what nationality your manners belong to? My description was just about right. What about yours? Let us know in the comments below!
How do you greet new friends?
With a nod of the head
With a wave
With a fist bump
With a handshake
With a kiss on each cheek
With a bow
How often do you run late?
Do you usually leave a tip when dining out?
Yes, a generous one
Yes, but only the bare minimum
It depends on the service
Do you usually bring something with you when invited to a dinner party?
Who is/would be your child's godparent?
An aunt/uncle
A grandparent
A good friend
Not sure
They won't have one
Do you need a lot of personal space?
Which one of these would you NEVER eat with a knife and fork?
Chicken Wings
All of these!
When is it appropriate to open a gift?
It depends on who gave the gift
Once everyone has gone home
It depends on the occasion
Immediately and in front of the giver
True or false: A man should always open doors for a woman.
The Japanese are formal and ceremonial when it comes to etiquette. You believe that rules exist for a reason, and should be followed to the letter. You paid close attention to what is socially acceptable from a young age, and trained yourself to eat, sit, and speak with proper decorum. You view people who don't have a strict sense of etiquette to be rude and crass, and you tend to avoid them.
The British have very defined rules about decorum in public spaces, but they sure know how to let loose around friends! Your friends could swear you have a split personality. You have a strict business-like demeanor in public, but the second you're alone with your pals you tell the dirtiest jokes and seem to do away with common decency. You believe that things have a time and a place, and you stick to that rule whenever it comes to any of your antics. Then again, no one will ever catch you dining with elbows on the table!
Americans are very polite, but they value friendliness and neighborliness to strict etiquette. Sure, sometimes you may be overstepping, but you'd rather be accused of being too friendly than come across as cold. You're warm and loving, and you think that life should be comfortable and relaxed instead of rigid and formal. Of course, you follow the important rules, like maintaining personal space when talking to someone, and never showing up for dinner without a gift in your hand. All those other fussy rules are for stuffy snobs.
The French value chic propriety over ceremonial guidelines. You ooze breezy elegance, and that's how you get away with ignoring social niceties. Sometimes you overstep the proper laws of conduct, but you do it in a way that still makes you lovely to be around. What other people might call rude, you call honesty; and besides you always say what you think with a smile. It is because you truly love people that you sometimes overstep, and no one can fault you for that!
The Spanish are a warm and passionate people ,who keep themselves harnessed with a strong sense of propriety. With age, you have learned to filter out your gut reactions and passionate responses to things. You tend to be polite and maintain your decorum externally. But inside you are frothing with emotions that you would like to express. Only a choice few get a peek at the true you, while the rest of the world sees a polite smiling face, Of course, sometimes you falter and your extreme joy, anger, or sadness seep through the façade. But you work hard to avoid these outbursts.
The Swiss have an ingrained sense of decorum, they don't need rules to guide their behavior. You never learned what you were supposed to say and when, you sort of just picked it up. Your sense of etiquette comes from an internal sense of what is courteous and what is not. No one has ever accused you of being rude because you naturally treat people the way they would like to be treated. You tend to be horrified by crass and rude people, not understanding how hey came out that way. You've simply never struggled with being polite, and don't understand why others do.
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