Can You Identify the Flags?

If there is one national symbol that surpasses almost any other symbol, that rises above the sky wherever a state wants to be present - it is the flag. Today we've decided to examine you on a variety of country flags - not just the best known of them - and see what you know of these symbols of national representation from all over the world.
Which flag is this?
Which of these is the Colombian flag?
Complete the country this flag belongs to.
Which flag is this?
Saudi Arabia
Why was a crown added to the Lichtenstein flag in 1937?
It was too similar to the Haitian flag
Because the prince died and they wanted to commemorate him
Because it was conquered by the Spanish in that year
Because it was 100 years after the death of the prince
Which of these is the flag of the Philippines?
Complete the country. This flag belongs to...
What is the name of the emblem on the flags of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland?
Nordic Cross
Scandinavian Stripes
Olaf's Cross
Thor's Shield
Which county's flag is this?
Complete the country. This flag belongs to...
Which country's flag is this?
UAE (United Arab Emirates)
Which of these is the flag of the Ivory Coast?
Complete the country. Which country's flag is this?
Your Flag Knowledge Needs a Renewal
According to the number of questions you answered right, it appears that in most cases you could not identify which flags belong to which countries, and you also couldn’t remember which symbols appear on the various flags. It is also possible that you confused the various countries and did not notice the details and the small differences between their flags. Either way, knowing the flags of other countries can open the door to understanding their cultural heritage and understanding their history, thus expanding your horizons. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you explore the subject further.
No White Flag For You
By your answers, you seem to have some knowledge of the flags of the world, and you know how to identify a respectable number of them. However, some of the flags probably caused you some confusion, or you couldn’t remember exactly which icon characterizes each flag. We recommend that you check your answers and explore the subject a bit, to get to know the different flags a little better, or better yet - just try your luck again, maybe you'll be able to answer all the questions right this time!
A Flag Expert!
According to your answers, it seems that you are very knowledgeable about the flags of the world and can distinguish between the different details and signs that characterize each one. Proof that you have control over the national symbols of other countries, which indicates that you are open to foreign cultures and always ready to learn more about the world. Share your impressive results with your friends, and challenge them to try it too!
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