Complete the Sentence Correctly!

Are you itching for another grammar challenge? We have another great quiz for you! Complete all 15 sentences and questions correctly to ace this English quiz!
She was very busy so she __________ to the party.
did not went
does not went
went not
did not go
I'll have the egg _____ omelet please.
If you wait a minute, ____________
I'd go with you
I will go with you
I'd have gone with you
I would have gotten with you
Which of these sentences is the most natural?
At this time tomorrow, I take my driving test.
At this time tomorrow, I will take my driving test.
At this time tomorrow, I will be taking my driving test.
All my life, _________________
I loved going to the movies.
I had loved to go to the movies
I've loved going to the movies.
_________ Ginger, I believe she has finally made a decision.
Speaking to
Had spoken to
Having spoken to
Spoken to
A young deer, especially when less than a year old, is referred to as a _________
It was really nice _______ you to invite me.
He used to be married to an actress, _________
didn't he?
Wasn't he?
haven't he?
Which word in this sentence is the direct object? "He gave his coat to Mary."
Which sentence is correct?
The woman was arrested and charged with murder.
The woman was arrested and charged for murder.
The woman was arrested and charged because of murder.
They wouldn't have found out if you ___________ them.
haven't told
hadn't told
wouldn't have told
didn't tell
He loves to __________ his trendy sunglasses.
If I __________ a cat, I'd lie in the sun all the time.
"He make me laugh." - What kind of error is in this sentence?
Tense Error
Incorrect Word Order
Pronoun-antecedent Disagreement
Subject-verb Disagreement
Sorry, That's a Fail
Unfortunately, you only completed 20% or less of the sentences correctly. That means you have failed the test. It could be that English is not your first language, or if it is - that you are not focused. This test is basic grammar, and if you can't answer more questions, then you need to read more about grammar and how to use it.
Barely Passed
That's a barely passing grade, we're afraid. You have answered at least 20% correct, but that means you still missed most of the correct answers. If English is your first language, that means you sorely need to do some reading about grammar or read more books. If it isn't your first language, keep studying English grammar, you're not there yet.
Good Job!
You completed more than half of the sentences correctly, which means you have a pretty good hold over English grammar. You probably do some reading and have a good head for English. That said, you still had some mistakes, and it would be wise to learn from them. Look below at the answers to see where you went wrong.
You ACED It!
Congratulations, you aced this test! You have an excellent understanding of English grammar and how to construct sentences. You probably do a lot of reading and have a love for language. Make sure to encourage others around you to read and have such superb writing grammar; it's a rare skill these days. Way to go!
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