Tiger Woods once visited the Virgin Islands They are now just called the Islands.
How do you know you’ve been visited by a possessed rabbit? He leaves deviled eggs.
I visited my new friend in his flat.
He told me to make myself at home.
So I threw him out.
I hate having visitors.
My family visited a rude psychic, with degenerative bone disease, who insisted all of us had bad breath.
She was a super callous fragile mystic expecting halitosis.
Once I visited France,
And learned a new, awesome dance.
I twirled,
And I swirled,
And then I lost my pants.
Recently I visited Germany. I hated everything in there. The people, the history, the language. But, oh god, the smell.
It was the wurst.
What did Train say when they visited a sibling in South Korea?
Hey, Seoul Sister!
A nose visited its home town.
It was overcome with nostril-gia.