How do bears keep their houses cool in summer?
Bear conditioning.
What do you call a snowman in the summer?
A Puddle.
Get in the swim this summer.
We’re trying to pool off the party of the summer.
Summer is just floating by.
Whatever you do this summer, be sure to make a splash.
This summer is going swimmingly.
When you cross summer sun with summer pun you get summer fun.
What kind of fruit did Avogadro eat in the summer?
When I got home from camp today,
My parents almost died.
They asked me how I got this way,
And here's what I replied:

This little cast from heel to hip
Is nothing much at all.
Some broken shingles made me slip
From off the dining hall.

The poison ivy's not too bad.
It missed my back and chest.
Of course, I guess I oughta add
Mosquitoes got the rest.

I tried to eat some hick'ry nuts
And cracked a tooth or two.
And all these bruises, scabs, and cuts?
I haven't got a clue.

I got the lump that's on my head
From diving in the lake.
I should've watched for rocks instead
Of grabbing for the snake.

That leaves this bandage on my chin
And these three finger sprains,
Along with lots of sunburned skin
And sniffles from the rains.

I also got a muscle cramp
And very nearly drowned.
It's some terrific summer camp,
The coolest one around.

(By Richard Thomas)
The chocolate couple decided to rent a two bedroom sweet for their summer honeymoon.
This pizza party is the perfect topping to a great summer.
Your name must be Summer because you are hot.
What do penguins drink during the summer?
Iced tea.
My girlfriend told me she's breaking up with me because of my football obsession.
I told her she'll need to wait till the summer window if she wants a free transfer.
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