Sing Jokes

What do gnomes love to sing at Christmas?
We're driving gnome for Christmas.'
What do gnomes love to sing while gardening?
Gnome Worry, Bee Happy.
What did the lovesick pig sing to his girlfriend? Don't go bacon my heart!
Q: Why couldn't the Pharaoh sing?
A: He hurt his larSphinx
For several days each month, some friends and I get together, play instruments and sing in a medieval style.
I guess you could call it my minstrel period.
Why do people sing in the shower?
Because the audience in the toilet is sh**!
I look at you and all the facts
I can't believe your age and how you act.
The number might suggest your old
That you should be shriveled and full of mold.

But, hey look at you
You're young in all you do
The number doesn't mean a thing
As long as you can still sing.

So may this little rhyme and verse
Be one that you don't curse.
Smile and be happy today
Remember, it's your birthday!

(Catherine Pulsifer)
What song does a painter sing when he is in truly dire straits? Monet for Nothing.
What did the lovesick pig sing to his girlfriend? Don't go bacon my heart!
What do tigers sing at Christmas?
Jungle bells! Jungle bells!
Q. Which doe did all the stags and bucks sing about in the 1960s?
A. Deer Prudence.
You must be a choir director, because you make my heart sing!
I usually sing with a deep voice. But when I wash my hands,
I sing faucetto.
What's the difference between black eyed peas and chickpeas?
Black eyed peas can sing a tune, chickpeas can only hummus one.
What did the mushroom’s sing when they won the closed-cup? - We are the champignons!
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