Shower Jokes

I am a dog.
And you are a flower.
I lift my leg up.
And give you a shower!
You smell. We should go take a shower together.
You smell... We should go take a shower together.
Why are the tiles in your shower so jolly?
They're having a grout time.
What does a vampire do after taking a shower?
It stands on a bat mat.
What do you call meat balls falling from the sky? A meat-ior shower.
I used too much of my wife’s moisturizer after taking my shower this morning.
So I called in slick for work today.
My shampoo bottle was empty. I turned to the only other bottle in the shower and said, "help me body wash...
You're my only soap!"
Thieves broke into my house and stole everything but my soap, shower gel, towels and deodorant...
Dirty Bastards.
I just want to take you out to brunch and shower you with quiches.
What do you call a fairy that doesn’t like to shower?
Be Like Bubba A football coach noticed that his star tackle, Bubba, had so many women hanging around that he couldn’t possibly handle all of them. So one day he asked, "Bubba, just what the hell is your secret?" Bubba replies, "Well Coach, whenever I’m about to make love to a woman, I always whip it out and bang it on the dresser like a hammer. This numbs it and I can make love all night!" The coach went home early one day, and went to the bedroom. He heard his wife in the shower. Seeing a window of opportunity, he took off his clothes and started banging his manhood on the dresser. His wife stuck her head out of the shower and asked, "Bubba? Is that you?"
How do flamingos clean themselves? They flaminget a shower.
If I had a nickel for every time my wife says that I spend money on frivolous things, I would have enough money to buy miniature golf clubs for my shower caddy.
The water in the shower evaporates before it reaches you.
“Being a mom means kids banging on the bathroom door like SWAT, asking for a drink, while you’re in the shower. And Dad is in the kitchen.” – @SarcasticMommy4
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