Net Jokes

What has four legs, four eyes, and a net? Four pirates looking for a lost parrot!
Why don’t dolphins play basketball?
Because they’re afraid of the net!
You can never get short balls over the net! Solution: Drop shot from arsenal.
Do you always play this badly at the net? Because I don’t like your approach.
What do you get when you cross a rabbit with a Spider? A Hare net!
I was running to catch a train yesterday, but just as I was approaching it...
I realized my net wasn't big enough.
Why can’t a fish every play volleyball? They are afraid of the net.
Q. Why can't computers play tennis?
A. They try to surf the net.
What do computers do on a beach vacation?
Surf the net.
Why don’t fish play basketball?
Because they're afraid of the net.
How do we know Peter was a rich fisherman?
By his net income.
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