What is a koala bear’s favorite mixed drink? A pina koala.
I always get pickle and chutney mixed up.
It makes me chuckle.
I get beavers and similar animals mixed up.
I otter know better.
I accidentally mixed up the words 'Jacuzzi' and 'Yakuza' online.
Now I'm in hot water with the Japanese Mafia.
I'm having mixed feelings about being a Michael Jackson impersonator.
On one hand, you get to wear a cool white glove.

On the other hand, you don't.
Why did the electricity documentary get such mixed reviews?
People weren’t sure how to feel after it’s shocking ending.
There was an Old Person of Berlin,
Whose form was uncommonly thin;
Till he once, by mistake,
Was mixed up in a cake,
So they baked that Old Man of Berlin.
Well, there are mixed reviews. People say the food is great. But there is no atmosphere or ambience.