Loud Jokes

What do you call a dinosaur that's a loud sleeper? A Snore-a-sorus
Q: Why did the purple family have to move out?

A: They were plum too loud, excessively violet with one another, and were fuschiatives of the law.
Bark bark bark
Let me get up to see
It appears my dog is summoning me
Bark Bark Bark
That old familiar sound
As I peer out the window
With my loud mouthed hound
Bark Bark Bark
Looking in the distance I finally see
Why she’s been barking at me
Bark Bark Bark
There’s a leaf in the yard
And it’s blowing away
This is how we’ll spend
Most of our day
Are you a fire detector?
Because you're loud and annoying.
Are you a fire alarm? because you are really freaking loud and annoying
What made the baby cookie cry so loud? His mother was a wafer so long.
There was a Young Lady of Tyre,
Who swept the loud chords of a lyre;
At the sound of each sweep
She enraptured the deep,
And enchanted the city of Tyre.
"When your “mom voice” is so loud even the neighbors brush their teeth and get dressed." - Unknown
I was arrested at the airport. Just because I was greeting my cousin Jack!
All that I said was "Hi Jack", but very loud.
What did the grouchy mushroom say to the loud mushroom? - Put a cap on it.
Why are super loud sounds bad for your ears?
It hertz your eardrums.
What do you call a loud conversation? A megaphone.
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