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Online Shopping Can Be Really Funny - 18 Hilarious Fails

You can catch some terrific deals while shopping online. But if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. These 18 shoppers decided to test their luck online and purchased a few different items that looked suspiciously affordable. The results of their unfortunate shopping adventures are so funny that they’re making the entire world laugh!

1. This guy accidentally bought a table shaped like an iPhone instead of an actual iPhone

Online Shopping Fails a table shaped like an iPhone

2. The blanket these people ordered came "a little" smaller... At least the dog seems to enjoy it.

Online Shopping Fails blanket

3. This meditation book from Amazon just has "Inhale" and "Exhale" written on every page.

Online Shopping Fails meditation book

4. This puppy pool won't even fit a Chihuahua! 

Online Shopping Fails puppy pool

5. These hilarious socks are spelling mistakes galore!

Online Shopping Fails socks

6. This person received a cup with a picture of another cup... just like those Russian Matryoshka dolls.

Online Shopping Fails a cup with a picture of another cup

7. This person ordered steps for the dog. The top picture shows what was ordered, the bottom one is what the poor dog got.

Online Shopping Fails steps for the dog

8. Here's a pearl of wisdom: be careful when ordering on the internet.

Online Shopping Fails pearl jacket

9. This armchair is hilariously small!

Online Shopping Fails armchair

10. Oh no! This guy bought a smartphone online, but he got a rock in the mail!

Online Shopping Fails smartphone rock

11. This is not even a mini-fridge, it's a micro-fridge!

Online Shopping Fails fridge

12. Now, this looks like a straight scam...

Online Shopping Fails string
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13. Expectation vs Reality, inflatable swimming pool edition

Online Shopping Fails  inflatable swimming pool

14. Some things arrive bigger than expected... like this giant cutting board.

Online Shopping Fails cutting board

15. This person was sent just one right shoe. When they complained to the seller, they got two more right shoes in the mail... Hopeless.

Online Shopping Fails three right shoes

16. Instead of getting an actual drill, this person received a picture of the drill - do you see a pattern in these fails too?

Online Shopping Fails a picture of the drill

17. An "Apple Watch" purchased on eBay

Online Shopping Fails Apple Watch

18. "The rug came a bit smaller than expected."

Online Shopping Fails rug
Source of all images: Izismile
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