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These 17 Interior Design Decisions Are Criminally Bad!

 Every residential neighborhood has its own proverbial blot on the landscape. That garish and shabby mess of a house every neighbor knows all too well. But sometimes, what you see from the outside is only half of the story… These 16 homes are terribly made both inside and out - there’s no other way of saying that. In fact, these homes look so bad that they’re actually really funny!

1. This is what happens when you decide to renovate a 500-year-old castle on your own

Interior Design Fails 500-year-old castle

2. Both the placement and the number of these windows are hilariously bad!

Interior Design Fails

3. Construction never ends in this home 

Interior Design Fails construction

4. Let's just hope that this helicopter will never land on anyone's head... 

Interior Design Fails helicopter

5. Rawr!

Interior Design Fails leopard print house

6. I wonder how they use this toilet

Interior Design Fails toilet

7. No, your vision is not failing you. There's is a bathtub inside this table!

Interior Design Fails bathtub inside the table

8. The people who live here must really love red wine

Interior Design Fails wine glass house

9. This bathroom is 99.9% tile

Interior Design Fails tile bathroom

10. Warning to all perfectionists - this fireplace is a complete disaster!

Interior Design Fails fireplace
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11. Imagine living next to this creepy clown house!

Interior Design Fails  creepy clown house

12. A completely useless set of stairs

Interior Design Fails stairs

13. Welcome to Barbie's mansion

Interior Design Fails Barby's mansion

14. This is quite a peculiar place for a piano

Interior Design Fails piano

15. Someone dropped laundry onto the stairs... oh wait...

Interior Design Fails jeans stairs

16. Yes, this entire home is frog-themed. Enjoy!

Interior Design Fails frog house
Source of all images: Bored Panda
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