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These Stair Designs Will Make You Scratch Your Head

When you’re visiting someone for the first time, what is the earliest thing you encounter, even before you set foot in the building itself? Why, the stairs, of course. The stairs are the ultimate first impression of a building, and so, planning the way they are designed and making sure that everyone can use them with equal convenience is crucial. But not everyone thinks that way. Well, certainly not the architects who created these 15 pointless, dangerous, and odd stair designs. You must see these hilarious monstrosities!

1. The Wheelchair Foundation lacks a certain degree of self-awareness...

Disastrous Stair Design Wheelchair Foundation

2. The escalator was broken for a while, so they "fixed it"

Disastrous Stair Design escalator-turned-staircase

3. I've never seen a human-sized kitty tree before! 

Disastrous Stair Design human-sized kitty tree

4. This staircase + rain is a recipe for disaster...

Disastrous Stair Design dangerous

5. Are you joking?

Disastrous Stair Design handicap toilet

6. Whoever designed this staircase is not fully aware of the average height of a high school student

Disastrous Stair Design school stairs

7. Why use the entire stairs when you can use only a quarter, right?

Disastrous Stair Design restricted stair space

8. Yet another place that doesn't know how wheelchairs work...

Disastrous Stair Design stairs for wheelchairs

9. So here it is, the Stairway to Heaven!

Disastrous Stair Design Stairway to Heaven

10. I guess I'll take the elevator...

Disastrous Stair Design striped stairs

11. We've been told that this is an average Russian stairway

Disastrous Stair Design average Russian stairway

12. What do you choose today: taking the stairs or jumping across the handrail?

Disastrous Stair Design wall and escalator

13. This must be an art object because it's clearly not a functional staircase

Disastrous Stair Design art object

14. This is for those who are constantly in a hurry...

Disastrous Stair Design stairs WC

15. The store couldn't afford two elevators of the same size, so they got creative... really creative...

Disastrous Stair Design escalator and stairs in one
Source of all images: BoredPanda
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