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15 Pictures That Show What NOT to Do With Tech Devices

 It’s crazy to realize that computers have been commonplace in homes for over forty years now, and many people have been carrying around smartphones since the early 2000s. While we let this information sink in, let’s also add that the fact that people use these tech devices doesn’t necessarily mean that they know what they’re doing and how to care for their devices.
Tech support workers say that a surprising majority of users tend to neglect or end up ruining their devices for the most apparent and often hilarious reasons. Truth be told, we are guilty of some of these mistakes ourselves until we saw how wrong things can go if we’re not careful. These 15 tech fails are equally hilarious and eye-opening!

1. What happens when you let your pets sleep on devices

Tech Fails hair on electronics

2. Yes, that IS concrete...

Tech Fails concrete on a laptop

3. Using chargers to heat up a panini is just as bad of an idea as it sounds...

Tech Fails Using chargers to heat up a panini

4. These batteries weren't replaced for 11 years

Tech Fails batteries weren't replaced for 11 years

5. An ant colony invaded this printer. Now it's printing colorful ants.

Tech Fails ant colony invaded in a printer

6. A labyrinth of cables...

Tech Fails cables

7. "My computer was overheating all of the sudden..."

Tech Fails cat on computer

8. "Mowing 101, don't tug too hard on the ignition cord."

Tech Fails Mowing 101

9. What on earth is going on there?!

Tech Fails more cables

10. It's crazy that we have to say this, but don't plug your phone charging cable into the cigarette lighter outlet

Tech Fails phone charging cable into the cigarette lighter outlet

11. Ouch! Shipping companies are just as guilty of mistreating tech devices...

Tech Fails phone with a shattered screen

12. For the record: it's much easier to use your iPad if you take it out of the box

Tech Fails iPad in a box

13. The person who took this laptop to tech support said, “I pushed the cable in a little too hard.”

Tech Fails “I Pushed The Cable In A Little Too Hard”

14. "Is it time to buy a new laptop charger?"

Tech Fails laptop charger

15. Running cables through a wall didn't go as planned...

Tech Fails Running cables through a wall
Source of all images: Reddit/ Tech Support Gore
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