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The Most Hilarious and Bizarre Signs

What is it about signs that so many of them go awry? I don't know, but I do enjoy the hilarity behind some signs, where it seems the creators of the signs were either quite witty, not very bright, terrible translators or just a bit bizarre! This wonderful collection will make you laugh out loud as we present you with some of the funniest signs you've ever seen, including badly translated signs, funny church signs, funny vet signs, and a whole lot more!
Here you'll find the most unhelpful, useless signs you've ever seen, all in one place for you to have a belly full of laughter at the stupidity of their mere existence...
Take a look at these absurd warnings and notices from the stupidest of the world's ubiquitous signs, then look again, shake your head, roll your eyes and laugh out loud at the most needless words that you have been fooled into taking seriously.
Some people like to believe that holding up a sign at a protest will achieve something. Others, as the photos below show, do not and just like to use protests as a means to showcase their humorous side. The following 14 hilarious photos were taken at various rallies from over the past few years.  
Signs are meant to be visual aids, reminders that also serve as a guide. But every now and then, you are likely to happen across a sign that doesn't make much sense. If you’ve ever seen a sign that made no sense to you, then these 15 funny pictures of signs will make even less sense.
These bar owners have come up with some creative ways of attracting and entertaining prospective customers. Their hilarious advertising boards will give you a few laughs today...and might just leave you feeling a bit thirsty as well!
Have you ever walked past a sign and wondered if there was something wrong with your eyes? I know I have, but the next 16 are certainly up there with the funniest and most outrageous ones I've ever seen! Scroll down, and I can assure you that you'll be in fits of laughter in no time at all.
If our beloved pets were literate, then they probably wouldn't be as afraid of visits to the vet as they usually are. This is because it turns out that plenty of animal hospitals have a great sense of humor, and many of their jokes are surprisingly hilarious! From unapologetic puns about neutering pets to side-splitting two-liners about the differences between cats and dogs, if these signs don't put a smile on your face, then nothing will!
Hilarious chalkboard signs with funny messages have been a trend for many a year. It turns out that plenty of bartenders and restaurant owners have been using their wit to entertain potential customers, but thanks to the internet, these comedic signs can be appreciated by an audience of millions. Below you’ll find some of the best around!
There are some things in life that really do defy any explanation, such as placing a 'Wet Floor' sign in a fountain or having to warn people that a fire is actually hot... Here are 12 hilarious photos that really capture the silly side of humanity!
Churches are known for the good deeds they provide to their surrounding communities, like charity, safety, and spaces to worship with fellow parishioners. Naturally, upon hearing the word 'church', the word 'funny' does not often come to mind. But, there are times when parishes do like to show off their comic side with the signals they leave outside the church. Here are 17 amazing church signs that will have you praising the divine humor.
We present to you a compilation of some of the most hilarious signs people accidentally stumbled upon on the street, be it a classic English translation fail, a message to Mike, using street signs as a means of self-expression or something inexplicable and completely out of this world.


Signs help us navigate the outside world. They show us where to go, how to act and especially - how not to act. But humanity's love for signs can sometimes create some unintentionally hilarious examples. For instance, see these 16 hilarious photos of weird signs.
Oh my. Some people DO have a unique sort of imagination, don't they? Either that or there's something really wrong with them! These signs are just too funny. Each more bizarre than the last, some of these hilarious photos are showing wit, some stupidity, and I have no idea what weird sequence of events caused the rest to come into being, but for humor's sake, I'm glad they were.
Signs are a vital part of our daily life. They can tell us when to stop, where to go, where we are, how to proceed, and even give cautionary advice, though some warnings can be rather unnecessary, to say the least. These 15 warning signs have been drawn along similar lines, and their serious tone certainly adds to their humor! 
While traveling has numerous fun points, like foreign foods, tourist destinations and exciting adventures, the funniest part of every trip to a multicultural destination are the hilarious translation fails. Signs are the best source of this particular form of comedy, given that you see them around every corner. These 25 signs are clear proof of the hilarity that ensues when foreign countries are kind enough to cater to the native English-speaker!
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