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Just What Were These Interior Designers Thinking?

 Are you someone who isn’t satisfied with the interior design of their house? Maybe you feel the bedroom needs a fresh coat of paint. Or that your bathroom and kitchen need a revamp... If you do decide to change the look of your home, you should be very careful, because interior decoration is a tricky craft and not everyone is good at it. In fact, sometimes a poor design can make the lives of homeowners rather uncomfortable. 

An Instagram page that goes by the name ‘typical.rykozhop’ is dedicated to bringing out some of the most absurd interior design mistakes in different homes around the world. These home design fails are not just downright ridiculous, they are unforgivable! 

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1. At least, they will have proper privacy here. 

Interior Design Fails, bathroom

2. Now that's a unique bathroom/kitchen combo! 

Interior Design Fails, bathroom/kitchen

3. This will make for a rather uncomfortable bathing experience. 

Interior Design Fails, bathing

4. How did this even happen? 

Interior Design Fails, cycle

5. To be honest, that's an impressive example of doing the best with a limited amount of space. Bravo! 

Interior Design Fails, home

6. So, what happens when the washing machine goes off balance? Does the whole house shake? 

Interior Design Fails, washing machine

7. Because two shower heads are better than one?

Interior Design Fails, shower heads

8. The designer missed putting the hole in the right place. Now how will this door remain shut? 

Interior Design Fails, door

9. That's one way to have a flat-screen TV! 

Interior Design Fails, flat-screen TV

10. But I really liked that cord! Sigh... 

Interior Design Fails, chord

11. There must have been too many leakages at the same time here.

Interior Design Fails, pavement

12. But how will we know which valve works for what purpose? 

Interior Design Fails, valve

13. These poor guys need some breathing space.

Interior Design Fails,

14. Well, that looks highly uncomfortable to sit on, doesn't it? 

Interior Design Fails, couch

15. What on earth is going on here? 

Interior Design Fails, house door
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