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Your Awkward Family Photos Are Nothing Next to These Gems

 Let’s face it, more often than not family photos turn out awkward. Whether they were taken during your angsty teenage years or your days as a chubby unaware toddler, we all have some pictures buried deep in the family albums we hope no one will ever lay eyes on. 

Some people, however, decided that getting over the initial embarrassment is worthwhile in the name of comedy, and that’s how the Awkward Family Photo website came to life. There is a whole Instagram account dedicated to them, too, and it’s absolutely hilarious. Check out some of the funniest entries below!


1. Jeff the bird gazes at 'his' graduation photo

Awkward Family Photos bird

2. “Grandma wanted a photo with her Thanksgiving table settings. Nobody thought to check the mirror.”

Awkward Family Photos mirror

3. Old school Photoshop

Awkward Family Photos Leonardo DiCaprio as husband

4. This photo tells a whole story

Awkward Family Photos kid who fell down

5. This little girl looks like a tired mom who had a very long day

Awkward Family Photos sister feeds baby brother

6. Someone is feeling blue...

Awkward Family Photos sad girl and hipp

7. I don't want to know what sneaky plan she has in mind

Awkward Family Photos little girl with evil plan

8. Perfect camouflage

Awkward Family Photos brothers matching couch

9. Too fabulous for his own good

Awkward Family Photos a couple in the 80s

10. Twinning

Awkward Family Photos father and baby in the same outfits

11. Mother and daughter demonstrate the safety standards of the 1960s

Awkward Family Photos cable car in the 60s

12. This is one terrifying Easter photoAwkward Family Photos scary Easter photo

Images source: Awkward Family Photos / Instagram

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