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Animals in Comical Situations Never Cease To Make Our Day

Animals can be cute. Animals can be hilarious. And at times, a dose of animal fun is exactly what we need to cheer up and forget the blues. Here, we present to you a collection of some super adorable animals being unwittingly amusing.
From cute puppies to lovable bears and from silly raccoons to witty cats, these animals don’t care about the world and just want to live their life according to their rules. Thanks to them, we get our healthy dose of laughter. Take a look.

1. "Ah!!! It's been a really hot day today..."

Funny animals, puppy

2. When you finally find some quiet time to mull about your life... And start feeling hungry.

Funny animals, panda

3. "He! He! He! Mine. It's mine...ALL mine!"

Funny animals,

4. "Don't you DARE try and pick me up again, you hear me?!"

Funny animals, fight

5. When your pet bird finds her new home...

Funny animals, bird

6. When your cat knows how to repair stuff around the house. 

Funny animals, cat

7. They've had a long day, it seems.

Funny animals, sleep

8. Mister Crow is all set for a new day. 

Funny animals, crow

9. You don't wanna mess with this grandma...Or her pet.

Funny animals,

10. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, after all...

Funny animals, rabbit

11. "Darn this Monday!" 

Funny animals, monday

12. Best friend goals are exactly like this...

Funny animals, Best friend

13. "Yo, how do I look in my new shades?"

Funny animals, shades

14. "Yeah? Come down here and say that again. I dare you."

Funny animals, mouse

15. "See? I am not as short as they say."

Funny animals, dog

16. "What? You asked me to get the ball."

Funny animals, dog, ball

17. "Honey, I promise I won't drink any more honey. Can I come in now?"

Funny animals, bear

18. "So, will you stop staring and tell me if I should take a right turn or not?"

dog funny
Images credit: The Chive
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