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Welcome to our Vocabulary Definition Quiz! Today we're looking at rare, old words and will challenge your linguistic prowess with 15 intriguing questions. Whether you're a seasoned wordsmith or just looking to expand your lexical horizons, this quiz is tailored for everyone. While the journey may introduce you to unfamiliar terrains, remember: it's not just about the destination, but also about the enlightening path of discovery. So, take a deep breath, tap into your inner logophile, and let's embark on this lexical adventure together. All the best, and may the words be ever in your favor!
Let's start you off easy... what does Quixotic mean?
Relating to fish
Of or resembling glass
Exceedingly idealistic, unrealistic, and impractical
Of unknown origin
Now... what does Lugubrious mean?
Looking or sounding sad and dismal
Flexible and agile
Excessively proud
potted or speckled
How about Peregrinate?
To travel or wander around from place to place
To act as a mediator
To weigh something
To predict the future
Heard of Caliginous? Can you use it in a sentence?
Misty, dark
Made of wood
Resembling or pertaining to birds
Related to time
Oh well, you know Pulchritudinous don't you? It's...
Having great physical beauty
Being easily breakable
Resembling a beast
Having great height
Nugatory is a fun-sounding word! What does it mean, though?
Of no value or importance
Related to gold
Very noisy
Having a keen sense of smell
Susurrus, a word very hard for toddlers to say, but it's pretty rare, and is a great way of saying...
A sound like rustling
An ancient ritual
A fast movement
An official decree
Vituperative is not a word one hears, it's more something one reads, and then goes to the dictionary to find it says...
Bitter and abusive
Related to life
Very tiny or small
What the heck is Munificent?!?
More generous than normal
Fearful or anxious
Relating to the mouth
Pertaining to mountains
Brobdignagian... are we just making up words now?
An ancient scroll
A type of tree
Extremely small in scale
Mellifluous sounds familiar... but I'm not sure from where...
Having a long-lasting effect
Sweet or musical voice
Fragile or delicate
Related to bees
Contumacious sounds utterly fun to say, but I wouldn't use it without knowing it means...
With great effort or strain
Acting in a sneaky manner
Stubbornly disobedient
Relating to a ceremony
I think Philoprogenitive has something to do with liking or being interesting in something, but WHAT?
Loving and productive of offspring
Interested in philosophy
Attracted to light
Fond of arguments
Crepuscular sounds like a muscular Crêpe... that can't be right...
Resembling or relating to twilight
Relating to the crepe fabric
Pertaining to circular motions
Crispy or crunchy
What a lovely word... Limerence. Maybe we should bring some of these words back... do you know what it means?
Being infatuated with someone
The state of being limber or flexible
A type of limerick or poem
The process of liming or plastering
Try again...
Unfortunately, you did not pass this vocabulary test. It may mean we found some holes in your lexicon OR that you should spend a bit more time reading to start expanding your vocabulary. It's not that you should start using these words in everyday conversations, but knowing more words and more definitions allows you to comprehend the world with more sensitivity and more understanding. Our language is how we think, and having more ways to express ourselves, even inside our heads, is a beautiful thing.
You did well...
You have a vast vocabulary, definitely more extensive and more nuanced than most people. You may read a lot or used to read and still remember these tricky and rare words. Having a big lexicon is a beautiful thing, allowing you to express yourself better, think more clearly, and define more correctly. You should be proud of your score! That said, you still had some mistakes, so have a look at the answers to see where you went wrong.
Incredible score!
Wow, you really have an extensive lexicon, don't you? You must read a lot! Or maybe you used to read a lot, and you still recall. In any case, your knowledge of the English language is much more extensive and more impressive than most people's, especially these modern days, where text messaging has shortened even common words! Share your result with friends and family - we're proud of you!
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