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16 Unintentionally Funny Signs Spotted In the Wild

You usually expect a public sign to be clear, precise, and short. After all, even an iota of unclarity can lead to a great deal of confusion among the readers. The signs we are about to share with you ignore all three of these seemingly simple rules. So, if you’re looking for a hilarious masterclass in terrible sign-writing, or you just enjoy reading funny signs, you’re in for a treat! These 16 “gems” are guaranteed to make you hoot with laughter!

1. Well, now that I've seen the actual cat in question, the sign actually makes sense (kind of)

Funny Signs don't let the cat escape

2. Good luck finding a person who fits that description...

Funny Signs 18 year old with 20 year experience

3. Font size is important. Here's a fail that illustrates how it can go completely wrong.

Funny Signs free covid vaccines

4. "Go play your own piano, Elise!"

Funny Signs piano not for Elise

5. Any further ants will be asked to stay outside

Funny Signs ten ants

6. The message of this sign flew completely over my head...

Funny Signs men have feelings too

7. Well... this sign says more than the owner thinks it does.

Funny Signs customer appreciation day

8. We must say, that's some desperate but clever marketing!

Funny Signs paperless towels

9. This must be an emergency-free zone

Funny Signs call 999 emergency phone

10. This sign is oddly specific...

Funny Signs Mummy masterpiece sign

11. This one starts slightly odd but becomes completely insane by the end

Funny Signs measure twice

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12. I can show you a whole store full of this sale!

Funny Signs zero percent off sale

13. Sorry what?!

Funny Signs follow someone home

14. Well, some signs are completely useless, I guess.

Funny Signs have you seen this horse

15. Is this sign insulting the drivers?

Funny Signs buckle up butter cow

16. Toronto municipality, your signs are as confusing as they get!

Funny Signs
Source of all images: Bored Panda
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