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What is the Best Time of Day to Exercise?

Some people like to exercise in the morning, while others leave it for the evening, but if you are overweight, the conclusions of a new study conducted at the University of Sydney show that you should ignore your preferences and simply exercise your body more in the evening. Of course, if you have a higher motivation to exercise in the morning, you should take advantage of it, but according to the study, evening exercises have many more benefits for those who are overweight, which are related to reducing the risk of premature death and problems with the cardiovascular system. We will now explain to you how the research was carried out, what the conclusions are and what you must do to enjoy the benefits of the evening workouts, so that you can make a more correct choice of the time of your fitness training as well as perform the right training to maintain your health.

How was the research conducted

The researchers followed for 8 years 30,000 participants who received a device that is worn on the body and checks various indicators in relation to the effect of the physical activity they performed. They divided the subjects into 3 categories - morning exercisers, afternoon exercisers and evening exercisers - and found that those who performed moderate to high intensity aerobic exercise between the hours of 18:00 and 00:00 had a reduced risk of premature death and the development of cardiovascular diseases . Moderate-to-high intensity aerobic exercise is characterized by raising heart rate and breathing, and although recommended for these purposes in general, evening exercisers seem to have experienced the greatest impact on their health
באיזו שעה כדאי להתאמן למניעת סיכונים בריאותיים בעודף משקל: רגליים של אישה כבדת משקל על הליכון

The importance of exercising in the evening

In addition to the findings that were discovered, it seems that the evening workouts were more important to the health of the subjects than all the physical activity they engaged in throughout the day. This means that even among those who moved their bodies several times a day, the evening workouts were the most significant and important for maintaining their health.

"2 out of every 3 Australians are overweight or obese, which puts them at higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease and suffering stroke, heart attack and premature death," says Dr. Angelo Sebag, a lecturer in physiology and fitness at the University of Sydney. "Physical activity is of course not the only solution to the problem of obesity among the Australian population, but this study suggests that if people schedule their physical activity for certain hours during the day, they can significantly reduce their risk of suffering from the health problems that accompany it."

The biggest significance of the research

Clinical trials on a smaller scale showed similar results, but the findings of the current study are the most significant that have been discovered so far, due to the scale of the study, which included a large number of subjects and the possibility of measuring their level of physical activity objectively. The researchers emphasize and point out that the study not only followed each participant's training regimen, but also continued aerobic activity (for 3 minutes) performed by the subjects, which showed a very strong relationship between the type of physical activity, how it helped control blood sugar levels and how much it reduced The risk of developing heart disease, this is in relation to a shorter non-aerobic activity.

"We tracked every type of physical activity, from brisk walking, through climbing stairs to running, and we even included vigorous activity like cleaning the house," says Dr. Ahmadi, one of the researchers who conducted the study. The findings supported the initial hypothesis of the researchers, which was based on previous studies, according to which people who suffer from diabetes and obesity, who already have a condition of glucose intolerance in the evening, will be able to balance the effect of glucose intolerance and the complications associated with it by performing physical activity in the evening.
באיזו שעה כדאי להתאמן למניעת סיכונים בריאותיים בעודף משקל: אישה כבדת משקל מבצעת מתיחות בטבע

What should you take away from this study?

Physical activity in the evening - between the hours of 18:00-00:00 - is more recommended for people who are overweight and obese, and in particular for those who already suffer from impaired glucose tolerance. The recommended activity is medium-high intensity aerobic activity, for example:
  • fast walking
  • running
  • swimming
  • Cycling
  • Dance
  • jump rope
  • Going up and down stairs
At the same time, strenuous work in the garden or at home, such as mowing the lawn or vigorously cleaning the floor, can also be considered such a beneficial activity. Therefore, even if you do not engage in physical activity regularly, you may want to leave these tasks for the evening hours instead of doing them in the afternoon or in the morning. What is important is that you move your body more in the evening, and in a way that will embrace it and stimulate your pulse and breathing, and thus you will be able to fight off the negative effects brought by the excess weight and reach your desired weight.
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