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These Signs Prove That Supermarkets Have a Funny Bone, Too!

 Visiting a supermarket can often be a chore. In times like these, especially, where fear and uncertainty has gripped our lives, a trip to the local grocery store is likely to be stressful. However, if you look around the supermarket carefully, you can often come across some truly hilarious and creative signs and advertisements that can really lift your mood. Here, we have collected some of the wittiest and funniest signs that have been spotted in different grocery stores all over the world. Take a look. They show that the people working in those supermarkets can be creative geniuses, too.

1. Well, technically they are not wrong...

Grocery Store Signs, chicken

2. That's one way you can get your child an iPad without hurting your wallet. 

Grocery Store Signs, I-Pad

3. Just in case those vampires are really bugging you at night...

Grocery Store Signs, vampire
Image Credit: BrightSide

4. When the ground beef at the supermarket quietly sneaks up on you. 

Grocery Store Signs, snake
Image Credit: Tumblr/ devilduck

5. The dragon will protect its fruit with all its might!

Grocery Store Signs, dragon

6. Poor single bananas...

Grocery Store Signs, banana

7. When a football fan walks into a grocery store looking for beer... And finds a stadium full of his favorite brand. 

Grocery Store Signs, football fan
Image Credit: Reddit/Knoezelbos

8. If the Mother of Dragons can find the perfect avocado... So can you. 

Grocery Store Signs,  avocado

9. Now you won't feel guilty buying that extra box of dessert for home. 

Grocery Store Signs, dessert
Image Credit: Gord Fynes/flickr

10. Just take the meds and run or else the cat will become even angrier.

Grocery Store Signs,
Image Credit: ERmursenary/imgur

11. Nice dress, lady. What's it made of? 

Grocery Store Signs, dress
Image Credit: drbatookhan/imgur

12. Those are some creative meatheads, right? 

Grocery Store Signs, meat
Image Credit: Reddit/Nasicournus

13. Someone seems to have seriously mixed up the order of those Christmas mugs... 

Grocery Store Signs, mugs

14. Grab them before they, er... vanish?

Grocery Store Signs, cloak
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