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Hilarious Vanity License Plates

 Typically, the kind of people who get vanity license plates are… how shall we put it gently? Abrasive. Extravagant. Not the kind of people you’d like to have as friends. Still, every now and then, you’ll find a custom plate that surprises you or makes you smile. Here are some of the most unique, creative and funny custom license plates:


1. We all have excuses for cutting people off, bub

Aren’t we all?!


2. In case you weren’t aware



3. Coming through!


4. If there was one word to sum up Canada

The most Canadian licence plate I've ever seen.




5. Too Appropriate

Very appropriate license plate.


6. At least he’s being polite about it

Got cut off today, wasn't even mad.


7. Unlike this guy, who likes rubbing it in

This car cut me off. I was mad until I looked at their license plate.


8. Vehicle AI is making leaps and bounds: they’re becoming self-aware!

License plate self awareness


9. You don’t say

My friend posted this on Facebook this morning. Driver said she was eating cereal and it fell in her lap.


10. For those traffic-heavy mornings

The lip on that one...


11. This beetle

This is the best license plate I’ve seen yet


12. Bonus: Google “askew”

This license plate both reads and is positioned askew.


13. Why get a new one, when you can get a vanity plate?

No Bumper


14. Hanging a braid of garlic from the rearview mirror will keep this one away

Tops my interesting license plate list

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