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15 Everyday Objects That Are So Annoyed It's Funny

 Our everyday objects have to put up with our annoying habits and quirks all the time, so if they could, they would surely have a thing or two to complain about. Although I'm not a big complainer myself and prefer to think positively, I can still recognize my own habits in these funny cartoons, and chances are that so will you. This is a hilarious compilation of pictures of annoyed everyday objects, and what I would answer them if I got the chance. I really hope it will brighten your day and put a smile on your face!

1. Fridge

fridge saying you just checked two minutes ago
“Are you sure? Two minutes is a lot of time for the food fairy to come and sneak in a lamb roast!”

2. Wi-Fi 

slow wifi connection saying it's doing its best
“No pressure, a slow but stable connection is better than no connection at all.”

3. Wood

wood saying stop knocking on me
“I wood, but I don't want all my luck to leave me.”

4. Clock

clock upset because you're using your phone to tell time
“You seem hangry, clock. Maybe you should go back four seconds.”

5. Onion

onion telling you to stop crying
“For crying out loud, Shallot, can’t you be supportive this one time.”

6. Phone

phone telling you to stop using it until late at night
“What seems to be the problem, sir? I can clearly see you’re still 30% charged.”

7. Wine

wine complaining that you want to regift it
“Please stop wining!”

8. Milk

a bottle of milk complaining about you putting it back in the fridge
“The most evil person in the world… That's who.”

9. Remote

remote telling you that you're sitting on it
“Oh, and I wondered why the channel kept changing.”

10. Candle

candle that doesn't want to be lit
“What a hothead!”

11. Iceberg

ice berg complaining about global warming
“Chill out, man!”

12. Lighter

lighter complains that you're not using it on concerts anymore
“You’re no match for me, that’s why.”

13. Champagne

champagne doesn't feel like celebrating
“Don't listen to him, he's just a bit shook up.”

14. Fig Leaf

fig leaf telling you to put some clothes on
“You’re just angry because Adam blew you off.”

15. Takeaway Coffee

takeaway coffee complaining about baristas misspelling names on it
“I cannot espresso how much I can relate to this.”
Image Source: boredpanda.com
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