Do You Understand Cat Behavior?

 Cats are complicated creatures, and much harder to figure out than dogs! For those who know them, though, cats can be very expressive. How much do you know about cat behavior? Enough to adopt one? Let's put you to our cat behavior quiz first!
Your cat will be the most active in these hours.
Cats are crepuscular, which means that they’re the most active at dawn and dusk.
Dawn and dusk
Late at night
True or False: You should always give stray cats milk for nutrition
Surprisingly, many cats are actually lactose intolerant.
What does it mean when a cat has its tail up with the end crooked like a question mark?
This tail position means the cat is friendly and playful
The cat is scared
The cat is angry
The cat is playful
The cat is indifferent
Which of these is a way to tell a cat you are friendly and like them?
While some cats may respond to pspsps, some will not, and the best way to show you are not a danger is to blink at them, showing you are not tense
Caressing their belly
Making pspsps noises
Slowly blinking at them
Gently blowing air in their face
When a cat wags its tail, this means...
Unlike dogs, a wagging cat tail means a cat is annoyed and getting angry, so stop what you're doing!
They are happy
They are annoyed
They are sad
They are hungry
If you have 3 cats, how many litter boxes would you need?
Cats should not be made to share as they don't like it and it will cause problems
Which of these scents do cats like the most?
According to studies, what do cats see humans as?
As large prey that poses no danger
As large, hairless and graceless cats
As their masters
As kittens that need mothering
Do cats recognize their name?
Yes, but they really don't care
No, but they understand from the tone we are calling them
Yes, and will come whenever called
White cats with blue eyes are prone to be....
A cat's purr is in the same frequency as...
The frequency at which muscles and bones are repaired
Exactly 3 times the frequency of its heartbeat
As an AM radio
VHF frequency
How do cats like to drink their water the most?
In a big glass bowl
When it's moving
From natural puddles
They prefer milk
What is hissing an indication of?
Cats hiss in defense and not to start aggression. When cats fight, the hissing cat is the weaker one.
The cat is feeling threatened
The cat is bullying other cats
The cat is playing
The cat has breathing problems
Where do newly acquainted cats like to be scratched?
Cats love getting scratched on the side of the mouth or face. That is why they keep rubbing their the sides of their head on you.
Side of face
On the head
On their back
Kneading is something cats do to express contentment and happiness. What is it?
The opening and closing of the paws on the human
Softly purring while hugging the human's arm
Pushing the human gently with their head
Weaving between the human's legs over and over
Not Ready to Adopt Yet
Your score was on the low side, which means you may not know enough about cats yet to adopt one. Thankfully the internet (and our site) are filled with cat behavior tips and information. Read a bit more about felines before adopting one.
Ready to Adopt
You don't know EVERYTHING about cat behavior but you truly know enough to start a life with one. Most of us learn by trial and error anyway, and each cat has its own personality as well. That said, read a bit more about the subject and look at your mistakes to shore up your knowledge.
Experienced Cat Owner
Wow you aced this test easily! You are probably a proud cat owner or have been one in the past. Aren't cats wonderful companions? This is especially true when you understand them and their behavior, and you obviously do. You can not only adopt cats but teach others how to treat them!
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