How Much Do You Know About Lions?

 The lion is also know as King of the Jungle, King of the Beasts. That is because it is an apex predator, stunning to see and awe inspiring to watch in action. This animal has always been a symbol of strength, royalty and courage. If you have some lionine knowledge in your brain, how about testing it out?
Where can lions be found in the wild?
There is a small group of Asian lions living in India in the Gir Forest National Park
West Europe and West Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia
North America and South America
South America and West Europe
True or False: Lions are the biggest cat species in the world.
Tigers are the biggest cat species. Lions are the biggest African cat.
What do you call a group of lions?
A Pride
A Roar
A Mane
A Majesty
Who does the hunting in a group of lions?
The Females
The Males
The Young
The Mature
After the hunt is brought back to the lion group, who gets to eat first?
Although the females do the hunting, it is the males that get to eat first. Doesn't seem fair!
The Males
The Females
The Young
The Old
What is the average size of a lion family or group?
The average is 15. The largest prides get up to 30 lions, and no more.
Which of these is NOT a name for a baby lion?
How long can a desert lion go without water?
Two weeks
A week
A month
5 days
Where do lions get most of their water?
Ground Water
From the animals they eat
From munching on fleshy plants
During what time of day/night do lions prefer to hunt?
Lions are night-time hunters, and prefer to hunt from dusk till dawn.
Sunrise / Early morning
Dusk till Dawn
High Noon till Dusk
They hunt in all hours of the day
How long do lions live for in the wild?
In captivity, lions can reach 25 years of age
12 - 16 years
10 - 12 years
7 - 12 Years
5 - 7 Years
What is a lion's top speed?
This is in very short bursts when running at prey
50 mph (80 kmh)
30 mph (50 kmh)
10 mph (16 kmh)
100 mph (160 kmh)
What is the shape of a lion's pupil?
While cats need vertical pupils to see small prey that barely moves, lions hunt large animals, and so have a round pupil that also lets in more light at night.
Round pupils like humans
Vertical pupils like house cats
Horizontal pupils like horses
Crescent pupils like catfish
Lions are known to be quite lazy. How much sleep do they actually get?
16-20 hours a day
2-8 hours a day
10-12 hours a day
8-14 hours a day
How heavy is an adult African Lion?
150-180 pounds
265 - 420 pounds
310 - 620 pounds
400 - 800 pounds
The lion is the national animal of...
What is the main role of the male in the lion group?
Patrolling and protecting the group
Teaching young males to fight
Finding new hunting grounds
What is a good way to gauge a male lion's age?
The darker the mane, the older the male lion
The color of the mane
The thickness of the mane
The size of its ears
The number of wisdom teeth
You're Still a Cub
When it comes to lions, you're still a cub. You won't be able to join a pride just yet, and you must learn a lot more about the habits, physical nature and dangers of the lion world. Without having a good lion guide, your knowledge of lions is just not enough to join a pride. Why don't you look at your mistakes below and maybe watch a documentary on youtube about these proud animals.
You're Still a Teenage Lion
According to your knowledge, you know a bit about lions, enough to score close to half correct. However, there is still much you have to learn about the King of Jungle and Beasts. As a lion, you are just coming into your own as a lion, but still need the protection of the pride.
You're a Mature but Young Lion
You have done well for yourself, getting more than half of the answers right. That means you definitely have a good zoological knowledge and probably a love for animals. There are still a few things you don't know about lions, and we'd recommend checking them below to see what you got wrong. As a lion, you are now old enough to hunt and even start your own pride!
King of the Pride
You are a lion expert! You know quite a lot about these magnificent beasts and their king. You love lions and knowing zoological facts, and we're sure you would fight for more lands for them to settle on. Your knowledge is truly impressive, and if you were a lion, we'd crown you king of the pride! Congratulations, you ACED it!
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