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 Common sense is the intelligence that everyone OUGHT to have. You don't get it from books, from teachers or even from informative websites. Common sense is just the wisdom all people share, no matter how educated or erudite they are. Yet, as with many things, not everyone has the right amount of common sense, sadly. Do you think you are a common sense candidate. Put your mind to the test with this mind taxing test!
When the wind blows north, where does a peanut falling from a tree land?
Peanuts do not grow on trees.
Peanuts do not grow on trees
On the ground
Do they have a 4th July in England?
The month of July exists in every country, even though the holiday we call '4th of July' does not.
How many birthdays will the AVERAGE male have throughout his life?
Every male is born only once. Therefore he only has one true birthday. We say 'happy birthday' only on the anniversaries of this single day.
Some months have 30 days, some months have 31. So how many months have 28 days?
February is the only month which only ever has 28 days in it.
Can a man living in the US be buried in Canada?
If he is living he can't be buried anywhere.
A blue house is made with blue bricks. A red house is made with red bricks. A yellow house is made with yellow bricks. What is a greenhouse made with?
A green house is made with green bricks. But a greenhouse is a glass structure made with glass.
Green bricks
I need more information to answer correctly
Johnsonville has a blue house, a green house, a black house, a yellow house and a red house. Where is the White House?
A white house could be anywhere, but THE White House is located in Washington D.C.
I need more information to answer correctly
Washington D.C.
Can a man in the state of California marry his widow's sister?
If the man's wife is a widow that means he is dead. Therefore he cannot marry anyone in any state or nation.
How many animals of EACH SEX did Moses lead into the ark?
It was not Moses who built the ark, but Noah.
Once upon a time there was a lady who loved pink. She built a PERFECTLY PINK one-storey house, with pink curtains, furniture and carpets. In fact everything was pink. So what color were her stairs?
Her house was one-storey high, so she had no stairs.
Some other color
I need more information to answer correctly
There were no stairs
Once upon a time there was a big evergreen tree in the middle of a large, scary forest. A frozen wind blew through the forest bringing thousands of leaves to the ground. Which way did the tree's leaves fall?
An evergreen tree has needles rather than leaves.
I need more information to answer correctly
Onto the ground
The tree has no leaves
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