What Are You Missing?

There are no perfect lives. We all have something we feel like we don't have enough of. This personality test will try to guess yours, as long as you be truthful with it...
Do you ever feel like there's something missing in your life?
Yes, all the time
I used to, but I don't really anymore
Sometimes, when I see other people having what I don't
Sometimes, when faced with new challenges
Only when I'm alone too long
How often do you feel 'wiped out'?
Most days
All day, every day
Rarely, I'm pretty energetic
I get wiped out by social engagements
Quite often work makes me too tired to go out later
What is your relationship like?
Fulfilling and wonderful
Difficult but rewarding
Barely bearable
Supportive and kind
Smothering and possessive
I'm not in a relationship
Which of these activities would you HATE the most?
A picnic with the extended family
Taking part in a televised debate
A first date
A day of reviewing your finances
A week spent alone at home
Pick the first object you notice.
What piece of advice would you give a younger you, if you could only give one?
"Life is short, enjoy it."
"Believe in yourself, you can do anything."
"Don't waste time on material things."
"Don't let go of friends."
As a child, how did you spend most of your time?
Alone with books or television
With my friends having fun
Mostly with my family
Studying for school
Falling in love
Avoiding other kids
If you could only invite one famous person from history to have dinner with and learn from, who would it be?
Steve Jobs
Alexander the Great
Katherine the Great
Hugh Hefner
Look at this drawing and tell us: What is this girl thinking about?
She is hoping for news from her husband
She is dreaming about future adventures
She is yearning to have more freedom
She dreams of a future full of riches and beauty
She wishes she was stronger and wilder
Suppose you died and went to heaven... what would be the first thing you did?
Go look for friends and family who have died
Go and meet notable people of history
Spend some time with myself, now that I have all the time in the world
Review my life and evaluate it
Find the significant other I never found in this life
Who do you speak to the most?
My significant other
My family (parents, siblings)
My closest friend
My colleagues
Money / Career
We'd all like to make believe that money and careers aren't important these days, that they don't matter. Unfortunately, although there are many more important things, having stable work and not having to worry about money make life more manageable and easier to enjoy. Money worries are not fun for anyone. <br><br> Remember, so many people today are struggling, in a world post-corona and following many economic disasters, this is NOT a rare worry. The most important thing is to leave envy and bitterness aside if you feel like you don't have as much money as you wanted. We must all make adjustments and try to enjoy the simpler things in life. At the end of our lives, most people don't regret not having money. Focus on your core experiences with the people you love and the activities you love, and you'll be fine.
Self Confidence
Life is both demanding and challenging, and it's very easy for us, especially as younger people, to have a challenge when building our egos. We all have something that makes us less confident, and if we don't meet our weaknesses head-on, they will often result in a piece of us always feeling insecure. The most important thing is not to beat yourself up about it. We always feel like our insecurities are just ours and they make us weaker somehow. But we ALL share them, and you'd be wise to keep in mind everyone you meet suffers from this problem in some amount, especially those who try to maintain the illusion of perfect self confidence. The best way to eliminate self confidence issues is to tackle them head-on, the monster is never as scary as in our mind.
More Romantic Love
Romantic love can be both simple and incredibly complicated. It may be that you are missing something you once had and lost. A romantic fire that doesn't exist anymore in your relationship and you miss. This is of course the way of long-term relationships, romantic love becomes compassionate love, an almost familial love. It's hard to hold on to that fire. <br><br> It could be that you never had it in the first place, and that is a hard thing to live with. We all deserve to be loved, but the world is a complicated place, and lives are chaotic. Unfortunately not everyone gets that one true love. In both cases, it's never too late, either to find that love (the internet is an amazing place for that) or to rekindle the spark you've lost (check out some of our articles on exactly that subject on ba-bamail.com).
Social Activities
Even if one has a loving family and a great partner, having a good social life is never a given. As we get older, we tend to lose some of our friends along the way as become busy with their own lives and their own families. The need for social activities goes beyond families though. We all need friends; people who spend time with us purely because they like doing so. <br><br> But life is chaotic and obeys few rules. It's easy to find yourself isolated. Maybe you've moved around a lot. Maybe you're an introvert who has a hard time leaving the house. Perhaps you had a close friend you depended on leave you. So many of us want a simpler social life where we are surrounded by friends. It's a common problem with no simple solution. We recommend using the wonders of the internet to find people that enjoy the same activities as you. There are always groups looking for more members. Reach out, start virtual and then meet in real life, it may be what you need.
Alone Time
It's not rare or sinful to need more time for yourself. We've just had a year where we all had to stay indoors. For many of us, this still holds true. Most of us are surrounded by people every day, be it our families, colleagues, partners or friends. Life can become immensly busy and involved, and the first thing we usually sacrifice is our alone time. <br><br> It's important you don't feel guilty for wanting time for yourself, it's a perfectly understanable need. Alone time gives us time to recharge our social muscles, ponder about our personal problems and learn to love ourselves as people, not just as ourselves. Spending time with yourself is just as imporatnt as spending time in social engagements. Find the strength to change your life a bit, say more 'No' and spend some time getting to know who you are when you are alone, without any social pressures on you.
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