Which Rules of Life Do You Follow?

We all have rules in our life. Some are given to us, but most - we give to ourselves. But what KIND of rules do we let guide us in this long sojourn of life? Take this test, answer truthfully and by your gut feeling, and we'll discover the answer together.
What does this image symbolize, in your opinion?
The continuation of time
The order of things
The Afterlife
What is the person in the image doing?
He is waiting to meet someone
He is following someone
He is trying to find his car
He decided to go on a walk and think
What do you see in this image?
An incomprehensible painting
A woman imagining
Human encountering nature
A look at madness
What do you think this woman is doing?
Analyzing the painting to infer the artist's meaning
Just 'feeling' the art, soaking it in
Comparing it to other, similar works she's seen
Searching for themes in the painting that speak to her
When you dream, you dream about...
Dramatic storylines
Events I have or will go through
Doing something I usually do
A fantastical adventure
What shape jumps out at you when you look at this picture?
What would you name this image?
'The beauty of horses'
'Escaping the stable'
How does this image make you feel?
Name this image.
'The Titan's Dream'
'Birth of an Angel'
'Bubbles of Imagination'
How does this image make you feel?
If you were a good painter, what would you paint?
Scenes of sublime beauty
Paintings that break the heart or fill it with joy
Paintings of things only I truly understand
Paintings filled with intellectual and/or political messages
Emotional Rules
We all answer to our emotion to some extent. They are some of the most powerful forces in our lives, coming from the inside and going out. However, to live by emotional rules means that emotion is king. The laws of logic do not apply to you when it comes to living your life. <br><br> Even if your actions have logic, they must first have EMOTIONAL logic, otherwise you will probably not go ahead with them. You are very in touch with your emotions and feelings and it's important to you that, at the end of the day, you feel good. That's more important to you than some perceived success.
Inner World Rules
We all have an inner world. A palace made of core memories, our favorite stories and characters, our deep-seated feelings and the many metaphors, similes and analogies that really speak to us. To live by one's own inner world rules, though, is a rare and often difficult way to live. One, for example, might prefer rules that follow their inner 'goal' or 'life-style' that represents the true them. <br><br> People do not understand our inner world, they are blind to it. This causes some people to react negatively to people who have an inner set of rules, calling them 'weirdos' or 'crazy'. But, to put aside those people who have an inner world that is dangerous, most people who live like this just have a set of guidelines inside that complements their 'core' personality. Their behavior and decisions might seem odd to people looking from the outside, but they make perfect sense in the inner world of that person.
Rules of Logic
You pride yourself on using one of the most ancient and powerful tools in the human purse - logic. This word, for you, is not some dry title for academics, but a core of your being. You try your hardest to cling to a strength of objectivity, to think outside the limits of the emotional, outside the limits of what you WANT to be true, and find the truth itself. <br><br> This is much easier said than done. Humans are emotional beings, even more than they are logical, and most of our instincts go in that direction. However, you prefer to live in a world of 'sane' rules, ones that put the common high in its list of priorities, and that does things because they make sense, not because of some whim.
Rules of Society / Common Logic
As we grow and learn, we discover that many of the paths have been walked before. If we imagine our life to be a climb up a hill, then one can take the beaten path, shown to deliver results, or they can risk taking unfamiliar paths, which may or may not get them to where they want to go. <br><br> By your answers, you live your life by common sense, those rules of behavior and thought that have been instilled in us by our family and friends, as well as our history, our culture and our immediate environment. You have internalized these rules and they serve as your guide in life. In a way, it is using the wisdom of the world as your guide.
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