What do Your Sleep Habits Say About Your Personality?

According to various studies conducted on the subject, we humans spend almost a third of our lives sleeping, and although this is a long time by all accounts, each of us experiences it differently and treats it differently. There are people who sanctify sleep and spend a long time in bed and there are those who sleep only a little and prefer to make the most of each day, there are those who wake up at the crack of dawn and those who wake only at dusk – each with their own habits. These behavior patterns and habits can attest to your unique personality and character, and with the help of the following personality quiz, you’ll discover what lies behind them.
A woman drinking a cup of hot coffee
What time do you usually wake up?
Between 4 and 6 AM
Between 6 and 8 AM
Between 8 and 10 AM
Sometime around noon
When I feel like it
Feet peeking out of a blanket
What is your preferred sleeping position?
a woman sleeping  in a Fetal position
Fetal position
a woman laying on her stomach
On my stomach
a woman sleeping on her back
On my back
a woman  Stretched out all over the bed
Stretched out all over the bed
a woman sleeping while sitting
Propped up on a lot of pillows
a woman hiding behind the shadows
It changes
a clock showing 2 o'clock
How many hours do you sleep on an average night?
3-5 hours
5-8 hours
8-10 hours
More than 10 hours
It varies every night
Clothes on a hanger
What type of clothes do you usually sleep in?
a shirtless man laying in bed
Completely naked
a woman sleeping in a nightgown
A thin nightgown
a man sleeping in a t-shirt
Shirt and underwear
a woman sleeping in pajamas
Flannel pajamas
a man sleeping in a hat and coat
What I have on
A woman sitting on the bed and covering her face with a pillow
When do you usually go to bed?
In the early evening hours
Between 10 and 12 at night
Just after midnight
In the early morning hours
A bedside lamp lit beside a bed
What is the last thing you do before you go to bed?
a hand with pills on it
Take a sleeping pill
a woman sipping from a mug
Sip a cup of tea
a kid sitting in front of a t.v in the dark
Aaron Escobar
Watch TV
a man looking at his cellphone in the dark
Browse the Internet
a bathroom
Go to the bathroom
a man reading a book in bed
Read a book
A woman lying with her eyes open
Alyssa L. Miller
From the moment you climb into bed, how long does it take you to fall asleep?
Not more than a minute or two
About fifteen minutes
More than half an hour or so
It changes every night
A man sitting in front of a computer screen in the dark
Do you work at night?
Yes always
From time to time
Illustration of morning and night
Do you define yourself as a morning person or a night owl?
Morning person
Night owl
I love both the morning and the night
A woman sleeping in water
What do you dream about most nights?
A multitude of things that are not connected to each other
About good things - pleasures, entertainment and fantasies
Matters of work, family and daily life
I never remember my dreams
I have no consistent dreams
A yawning child
Which of the following makes you feel tired?
A long day of work and childcare
Drinking alcohol
Boredom and inaction
None of these really makes me tired
A teddy bear on a bed
What does your bedroom look like?
A messy bedroom
A man peeking at an alarm clock from his bed
How many times does your alarm go off before you get up?
Alarm Clock? I don’t need one, I wake up naturally.
Once is enough for me
At least three or four times
Sometimes I get up after one ring and sometimes after ten...
You are energetic, active and full of joy
woman jumping in the air at dusk
a woman jumping into the air in front of the sunset
According to your answers, we can tell that you’re a very active person, full of energy and joie de vivre, who likes to socialize with friends, spend time outside and celebrate, sometimes even into the wee hours of the night. Your sleeping habits certainly indicate that you are the type of person who comes to life at sunset. While we are sure that it makes you very happy, you should remember that there is nothing preventing you from enjoying the day as well, and there are many people who would be happy to be in the company of a person like you.
You are serious, diligent and devoted to work
a man fixing his tie
Your sleeping habits reveal that you are a person who knows what hard work is and is willing to invest a lot in order to succeed. You are devoted to your job and career and are willing to devote a lot of time to them- even at the expense of your sleep time. You don’t understand the point of wasting your time in bed when instead you can be awake and working, because in your opinion, "life is too short to sleep." However, be careful not to exaggerate with this approach, otherwise, you’ll find yourself exhausted and lacking strength very quickly...
You are organized, orderly and purposeful
a hand writing in a notebook
According to your answers, we can say that you’re a very organized and orderly person with your feet on the ground, and you know how to balance all aspects of your life. Your orderly and clear sleeping habits - sleeping at night and living life to the fullest during the day - prove that you are a responsible and balanced person in your mind and soul, and know exactly what your purpose is in life and where you're headed. Keep it up!
You love changes and are always ready for new challenges
a man hovering over and upside-down city
Your answers show us that you're a person who knows how to handle changes, and you're always ready to make them adapt to the different environments you're in. This fact makes you a person who excels in dealing with new challenges and connecting with different people. Although your sleep habits are not uniform - sometimes you sleep well and sometimes have difficulty falling asleep - but it is due to the fast and changing pace in which you live your life.
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