What Do Your Expressions Say?

This special test will need to know your facial expressions in order to analyze your emotional behavior. You will be asked to choose the facial expressions most similar to your own. You can also choose don't know when you're not sure. Now let's go and 'face' this fun personality test!
Which photo most resembles your surprised face?
Click on YOUR facial expression of "Fear":
When you're angry, you most look like...
The Emotions You Express Mirror Your Heart
You truly wear your heart on your sleeve! <br><br> Ever since you were little, you always showed your emotions to everybody. You were not ashamed, you were proud of who you are, and you've never felt like you should hide how you feel. These lessons you've learned at a very young age have stayed with you for a long time, and now, you live your life by them. You are open with people and you always tell it like it is. You feel it's important to be candid and honest, and you really believe it's the only way to really connect with others. We need more people like you in today's society!
You Hide Your Emotions Deep Inside
You don't tend to show your emotions to the people around you. <br><br>You are a true introvert. You are a very strong minded person. You work hard, achieve a lot, and you figure it's all possible because you detach from your emotional side most of the time. People perceive you as a mysterious genius, but make sure you do let your emotions a more open outlet, so you feel more relaxed and more connected to yourself. This will help you to overcome challenges. Give it a try from time to time, it can only help you!
You Don't Let Every Emotion You Feel Surface
When it comes to controlling your emotions, no one does it better than you.<br><br> You think with your heart most of the time, so when the time comes for your heart to say something, you think twice before letting it out. You're not always very comfortable with your emotions, and you'd rather keep them in the back of your mind. You should definitely listen more to your heart, and try to vent out your emotions more often. It will be easier to manage them afterwards (trust us!).
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