Do You Think You Know All About First Aid? Prove It!

Sometimes, the best way to learn is to test ourselves. It's surprising how little some of us know about CPR, even though this knowledge could save someone's life one day, probably someone we care about. So, here's a little test to see how much you know about giving first aid in case of an emergency.
What has to be put on a minor burn?
cold Water
During CPR, how many times must you push down into the middle of the chest before you perform mouth-to-mouth?
30 Times
15 Times
10 Times
How many breaths should be given to the person?
2 breaths
3 breaths
5 breaths
True or false? During a heart attack, you should chew on an aspirin pill.
You should hold down someone who's suffering from a seizure. True or false?
When someone is threatening to kill themselves, what should you do?
Persuade them to go to hospital immediately.
Call an ambulance.
Comfort them.
While performing the Heimlich maneuver, you must give 5 back blows. True or false?
The first thing you must do when someone is suffering from heat exhaustion is:
Lay them down and elevate their legs.
Move them away from direct sunlight.
Give them some cold water to drink.
Which of these is NOT a sign of hypothermia?
Weak pulse
Heart murmuring
What should you do if a person is suffering from hypothermia?
Apply warm compresses to the center of their body.
Place them in a body of warm water.
Try again...
It seems your first aid knowledge could use a bit more polishing. Remember, having a solid grasp of basic first aid can be crucial in emergency situations. Don't be disheartened; this is a learning opportunity. Consider revisiting some key concepts and practices. With a bit more study and practice, you'll be better prepared to help when it matters most.
Not Bad At All!
Well done! You've shown a commendable understanding of first aid principles. Your responses indicate that you have a good foundation, but there's still room for improvement. Brushing up on some areas will enhance your ability to respond effectively in emergencies. Keep learning and practicing – your skills are valuable and can make a real difference.
Most Excellent!
Impressive! Your first aid knowledge is top-notch. You've demonstrated a thorough understanding of essential procedures and best practices. This expertise not only prepares you for emergencies but also makes you a valuable resource for those around you. Stay updated with the latest first aid techniques to maintain this excellent standard. Your preparedness is admirable.
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