Road Trip Through the Americas!

It's so hard been cooped up at home during this pandemic. How about we take a virtual road trip through the Americas? Better than nothing, right? So join us as we head to all kinds of locations across the Americas. NOTE: This is a "You Lose You're Out" game, but you can always go back to the last 2nd or 3rd levels so even if you strike out you can just try again!
We start our journey across the Americas by going to the most populous city of the biggest country in South America...
São Paulo
Buenos Aires
Welcome to São Paulo! This huge city has iconic buildings that range in style from neo-Gothic to modernist. But we must press on, so from large to small, we go now to the least populous state in the United States.
Welcome to Wyoming! We're 10th in size, but it's pretty empty out here with half a million folks. We now move on and brave the driest non-polar desert in the world, located in South America...
Atacama Desert, Chile
Desert of Siloli, Bolivia
The Tatacoa Desert, Colombia
Eastern Patagonia Desert, Argentina
Welcome to Atacama Desert... WHY did we come here?? It's very dry, my sinuses are killing me... ugh. Let's continue, shall we? How about we go somewhere with water this time? How about the biggest lake in the Americas?
Lake Michigan
Lake Superior
Lake Maracaibo
Lake Titicaca
Welcome to Lake Superior! This is more like it... Did you know it's the world's largest sweet water lake by surface? Third by volume. I wish we could stay, but we have an appointment in the 2nd largest city in Canada.
Welcome to Montréal, the City of a Hundred Steeples, as Mark Twain once noted. There is so much to see here, so let's break for lunch. Let me know when you want to continue.
Great! Hope you had your fill, I had a lovely meal. Now, let's put our travel boots back on as we catch a plane and then a ship to the Galápagos Islands, which belong to...
Welcome to Isla Isabela, on the Galápagos Islands! This is considered one of the world's best places to see wildlife. So have a look at mother nature's creatures before we take our lives in our hands and climb the tallest mountain in North America, Mount...
Denali (Mount McKinley), Alaska, USA
Logan, Canada
Saint Elias, Canada / USA
Lucania, Canada
Wow, The view is incredible from here! It's almost worth my freezing lungs. Let's get somewhere warmer, shall we? How about the hottest country in South America?
Welcome to Argentina! It is indeed hot, but Buenos Aires is such a lively city! Let's eat some dinner here and enjoy the night life before continuing.
Nothing like an evening of good Argentinian food and wine! Alright then, let's continue on our trek, we still haven't been to most north point of South America, located in...
Welcome to Colombia, a gorgeous country of evergreen. From here, I was thinking we could go to the first city in the USA founded by Pilgrims...
Plymouth, Massachusetts
Jamestown, Virginia
New York, New York
New Hampshire
Welcome to Plymouth! Here you can see Plymouth Rock, a boulder in Pilgrim Memorial State Park that marks the place where settlers are thought to have landed on shore. From this historic place we go to the US state known as "The State of 1,000 Lakes"
Welcome to the Midwest! How about we conclude this fantastic trip we've had across the Americas in the smallest country in CENTRAL America?
El Salvador
Costa Rica
Don't Give Up!
Never say die! You've gotten far, it would be a shame to stop now. Why don't you go back to the last level you were on and try again? You can make it to the end!
YOU MADE IT! Welcome to Al Salvador, the end of our trip and our quiz, and your glorious conclusion, Congrats!
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