WDYK About Los Angeles?

Los Angeles, the City of Angels, is one of the most famous cities in the world, and perhaps the most entertaining one. It is home to countless international movie stars, movie studios and millions of residents. How much do you know about the city of Los Angeles?
True or False: Los Angeles is the third largest city in the United States
As of 2020, what is the population of Los Angeles?
About 4 million
About 6 million
About 8 million
About 2 million
The climate in Los Angeles can be described as...
True or False: Los Angeles has the busiest container shipping port in the Americas
Which of these is a famous crime gang you might find in Los Angeles?
Colombo crime family
Gambino crime family
How many times has Los Angeles hosted the Olympics so far?
Three times
Four times
Which of these is NOT one of the regions of Los Angeles?
West Hollywood
Santa Monica
Which of these is NOT a risk in the city of Los Angeles?
Heavy smog
Traffic congestion
Lack of outdoor entertainment
Who is the current mayor of Los Angeles?
Eric Garcetti
Gil Garcetti
Eric Adams
Mike Duggan
Which university can be found in Los Angeles?
University of Southern California
Columbia University
Berkeley University
Rice University
Which of these is a nickname for Los Angeles?
The Big Orange
The Big Apple
The Second City
The White City
What museum can you find in Los Angeles?
Getty Museum
Smithsonian Institution
Metropolitan Museum
USS Midway Museum
More to Learn About LA...
You've still got a lot to learn about the second biggest city in America, La-La land, the Big Orange, and one of the most famous cities in the world! LA is a city of endless opportunities, culture, and entertainment, so we recommend learning more about this remarkable place. Have a look at your mistakes below, or perhaps retake the test if you think you can do better this time around.
You Know Some Stuff!
You know a quite a bit about Los Angeles. You've probably been, but if not, you should do so. It sounds like you truly like the place, so a pleasant visit should be in your plans. Perhaps you already live there, but we'd expect a true resident of La-La land to ace this test altogether, and you had some mistakes, so we believe you aren't one. That said, you can always retake the test and prove us wrong!
An Honorary La-La-Lander!
Do you live IN Los Angeles? That would explain how you ACED this test! Congratulations, you excelled! Your high score means you either know the Big Orange well, have lived there, or are living there still! If you are, good for you, it's an incredible place to live. If not, we are truly impressed with your level of knowledge!
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