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Flags are thought of by most these days as simple visual representations of countries. They are either this color or that, considered pretty or not. But a flag has more functions than just looking pretty. Beyond the tradition of marking out territories with our flag, most flags carry books of meaning, even the simplest of them. Every color and item may have meaning to its creators. How well do you know the flags of the world? Show us with this challenging flag test!
Trivia: Bangladesh flag
True or False: The red circle on the flag of Bangladesh was purposefuly put there out of center.
Trivia: Sydney Opera House
Choose the correct Australian Flag:
Trivia: Australian Flag
Trivia: Australian Flag
Trivia: Australian Flag
Trivia: Australian Flag
Trivia: North Korean flag with photo of Kim Il-sung on it
True or false: The flag of North Korea has a tiny image of its first president - Kim Il-sung when held before the sun
Trivia: Fjord
Choose the country flag marked with the wrong country:
flag trivia
flag trivia
flag trivia
flag trivia
טריוויה: דגל אדום עם סימן שאלה
What is drawn on the Albanian Flag?
A bird with 2 heads and 2 legs
A dragon with one head and 4 legs
A bird with 2 heads and 3 legs
A griffin with one head and 4 legs
Trivia: Pyramids
True or False? The Egyptian flag carries the words: "The Arabic Republic of Egypt."
Trivia: Kazakhstan nature
Choose the correct flag of Kazakhstan
Trivia: Kazakhstan flag
Trivia: Kazakhstan flag
Trivia: Kazakhstan flag
Trivia: Kazakhstan flag
flag trivia: Flag of Moldova with a question mark in the center
True or False: The flag of Moldova has a bull on it?
טריוויה: דגל סרי לנקה עם סימן שאלה
On Sri Lanka's flag, what is hte lion holding?
A Sword
A Branch With Leaves
An Arrow
Ice Cream
טריוויה: דגל תימן עם סימן שאלה במרכזו
What appears at the center of the flag of Yemen?
A Sun
A Bird
A Triangle
Trivia: Seychells Beach
Choose the correct flag for the Seychells:
Trivia: Seychells flag
Trivia: Seychells flag
Trivia: Seychells flag
Trivia: Seychells flag
Trivia: Flag of Ethiopia with a question mark in the middle
True or False: The flag of Ethiopia has a star of david in its middle.
Trivia: Flag of Brazil with question mark in the center
What does it say along the blue ball at the center of the Brazilian flag?
Trivia: Syrian flag with many stars on it
How many stars are there on the Syrian flag?
Trivia: flag in white blue and red
True or false: Slovenia and Slovakia have the exact same colors on their flags.
trivia: waving white flag
You need a refresher on some of these!
Like most of us, you probably know which flag goes with which country, but see the flags as a whole rather than an amaglamation of items, each symbolizing something unique. How about trying again? You may find yourself luckier. If not, have a look at your mistakes below and read our corrections!
Trivia: hands with US flag making a heart
You have a sharp eye for detail!
You managed to answer most of these correctly! That shows us, and yourself, that you certainly notice the items appearing on each flag. You may have missed a few, but you have impressed us with your great memory and knowledge. Have a look at those you got wrong and add to your extensive knowledge.
Trivia: man with flag facing the sunrise
Wow, you've surprised us!
It seems like you know almost each and every flag in the world. Your knowledge is astounding, and you have definitely examined each flag you've seen and comprehended the symbolism on it. You must have a vast geographical knowledge, not only of flags but also various cultures and populations. All there is now to do is share this impressive test score with your friends!
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