Toy Jokes

How do Santa’s elves go to different floors in the North Pole toy workshop? They use the elf-avator!
When I broke my brother's favorite toy, he turned absolutely red in anger.
What is a baby sasquatch's favorite toy?
His Yeti Bear!
Getting my toy drone stuck in the tree isn’t the worst thing that happened to me today.
But it’s definitely up there.
Q. What is a gorilla's favorite toy?
A. A bab-boom-orang.
What’s a zombie’s favorite toy?
A dead-y bear.
I got a job crafting toy models of the dwarves from Snow White.
The pay sucks, but I'm not lying when I tell people I make seven figures.
Why is it so difficult to sell a toy zebra.
You can never find the barcode.
What do you call it when a giraffe swallows a toy jet?
A plane in the neck.
What temperature do you set a toy oven?
Faux hundred degrees.
What is a Ghost’s favourite toy to play with? Leg-oooooooooooooooo!
A small child was brought into hospital the other day after swallowing several small toy horses.
The doctors report that he is in a stable condition.
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