Session Jokes

Is this a catch and release fishing session? Because I don't want to let you go.
Why are you bringing me to this mountain river after our couple therapy session?!
Our therapist said I need to valley date you.
During the contribution’s session, the mushroom family never gave a lot. They were just two spore.
I work at an Ink company in Spain. Yesterday I held a Competition about our company’s history. But looks like no one wanted to be a part of the
Spanish Ink Quiz Session.
Psychiatrist vs. Bartender A man sitting at a bar after work shares with the bartender why he is looking so stressed, “I’m not sleeping well. I have nightmares about a monster under my bed and I am too embarrassed to seek help.” A patron nearby overhears this and introduces himself, “I overheard your story and I am a psychiatrist. Maybe I can help. The first thing is you recognize these are only dreams, and that is obvious so I should be able to help you in a few sessions. Here’s my card, give me a call.” A few weeks pass and the same two are once again at the bar after work. The psychiatrist says to the other guy, “Hi, how goes the nightmares? I never heard from you so I hope you are doing okay.” The other guy says, “things are great, the bartender helped me.” Psychiatrist, “the bartender helped you? You needed a trained professional to help you, what possibly could a bartender do that a psychiatrist couldn’t?” The other guy says, “he told me to saw the legs off my bed.”
I met him yesterday, he was on his way to meet the counselor for a peach therapy session.
When the heat turns down, we thieves gather in our secret hideout for a meeting.
We call it our Con Den session.
I'd love to go up and down with you, fancy a hill rep session?
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