Pirates Jokes

The most notorious one of all pirates was very sad. It may have been because he was Bluebeard!
Pirates used to make a delicious snack for themselves by crossing pate with flowers. They called it “lily livered”.
What helps a pirates hair grow?
Aaarrrgan oil.
What is a pirate’s favorite’s fish?
A pirates favorite fish is a swordfish!
What has four legs, four eyes, and a net? Four pirates looking for a lost parrot!
How are trumpets like pirates?
They both murder in the high C’s.
Why does it take pirates so long to learn the alphabet?
Because they spend years at C!
Q: Why can’t oranges be pirates?
A: They don’t get scurvy.
Why don't pirates shower before walking the plank?
Because they washup on shore.
Why do pirates not know the alphabet?
Because they always get Lost at C (Sea).
How do pirates prefer to communicate?
Aye to aye!
How do winged horses walk if they become pirates?
Peg-asus legs.
I recently met a musical group of pirates.
They called themselves A-Band-On-Ship.
How are pirates like trumpets?
They murder the high C’s!
Why are pirates called pirates? Cause they arrrrr.
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