Natural Jokes

You must be a C major scale... All natural.
Why don't ghosts wear deodorant?
They like to keep it super natural.
I was going to tell a joke about the natural disaster in the Indian Ocean
But it was too Tsunami.
Twinkle twinkle little pie,
You squash my willpower like a fly.
You look so innocent and so sweet,
Convince my lips that we should meet.
You are a relentless flirt,
Oh no, we had indecent dessert.

Twinkle twinkle help appears,
A Stevia leaf erased my fears.
It made my willpower a superhero,
As for calories it has zero.
Twinkle twinkle Truvia™ star,
It has natural sweetness I love just what you are.
(Michael Hack)
I'm local, all natural, homemade and certified organic: wanna taste?
Hey babe, can I colonize your land and exploit you for your natural resources.
A never-ending natural supply of beer?
Hops springs eternal.
I have a beer snob friend with Photophobia. He hates natural light.
Flight allows flamingos to stay safe from predators. This is natural selection in action, and explains why flaminstays are extinct.
"The Full Moon is a natural furnomenon," said the werewolf.
Why did the ghost decide to become a vegan?
Because it's super natural.
Did you hear about the constipated engineer? He worked it out with a pencil. It was a natural log.
"Regrets are the natural property of grey hairs." - Charles Dickens
Why are environmentalists attracted to electricity? It’s natural.”
Why are environmentalists attracted to electricity?
It’s natural.
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