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Sorry, I can't play hide and seek. Someone like you is simply impossible to find.
What game do Ghost children play? Hide and shriek!
First you got an alligator.

Next came a giraffe.

Lions ride your elevator,

bears hide in your bath.



(a duck?),


run amok through all your rooms!

Soon, if you don't set them free - there will be no room for me!

(Lycia Harding)
Let me hide my Easter eggs in you!
“When gorillas are sleeping, you can hide a bunch of raisins in their fur, and then they’ll have an exciting treat the next day."
- Guy Endore Kaiser
The feds were on a global hunt for a cow who was known to hide behind foliage. They finally located her in Moss-cow.
Hide in the kitchen, hide in the hall. I will catch you.
Did you know, you can actually hide a gigantic elephant in a cherry tree? All you need to do is paint its toenails red. I bet you don’t believe me – but have you ever seen an elephant in a cherry tree? I rest my case.
Q: How do mummies hide?
A: They use masking tape
What does a mummy use when he needs to hide? Masking tape.
How did explorers hide their treasures in the medieval ages? By dragon them to a safe location.
How did murderers hide the body in medieval times?
They start by dragon it.
Where does the sun hide at night? Just keep looking for it, it'll dawn on you soon!
Who would win a game of hide and seek between a dalmatian and a tiger? The tiger because he wouldn't be spotted.
What explorer was the best at Hide and Seek?
Marco Polo.
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